Monday 7 October 2013

Weekly Faves ~ Nail Polishes

I've recently come across a stash of nail polishes in my bedroom which I had forgot all about, so after throwing most of them out due to them resembling gel more than varnish, I needed to replenish my stock!

First up is Miss Sporty Lasting Color, Pure Shine. I use this as both a base and top coat, and sometime just so my fingers have a little extra shine for work. I purchased this a few months ago, and use it frequently. For such a cheap price of £1.99, you honestly cannot go wrong with it and it lasts about five days for me before any noticeable chipping.
£1.99 Superdrug
I also recently bought a set of glitter varnishes, and the texture of the glitter is so rough, that I've taken to applying about two coats of this Pure Shine on my nails just to stop myself getting glitter scratches!!
Parma Violet (44), Siren (5), Show Off (23) - All £1.99 Superdrug
Next up is three from Collection 2000's Hot Looks range. I love nice and bright colours on my fingers, so these three caught my eye and they really pop on your nails! They are Parma Violet (44 - purple), Siren (5 - pink) and Show Off (23 - blue). Siren is my favourite one by far, as it is so bright and really stands out. I haven't used them much yet as they are all new, but I am looking to wear these more as I like a little extra colour in my life!

£2.99 Superdrug
Lastly is a colour that I am constantly wearing and I have so many polishes in this shade, it is a little ridiculous. However, that said, I am a really big fan of Rimmel polishes, and this one in 310 Red Carpet is my current number one for polishes. It is a 60 second polish, and it has a wide applicator which means you only have to do one brush stroke to cover your nail properly! It is bright and I find that one coat of this is enough, but I normally do two if I want it to last that little bit longer, especially on a night out.

That is it from me today on my fave nail varnishes so far this month!
Keep safe everyone,

Tania xx


  1. the red is so gorgeous! I have never tried rimmel nail polishes... I use mostly opi and essie!

    1. Rimmel is a brand that I use quite a lot, along with Collection 2000! I find that Rimmel's lasts a little longer than most products :) xx


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