Wednesday 13 November 2013

Things To Do By 2014

Hello everyone!

I've got so much I'd like to do and achieve before the New Year begins, so I thought I might share this with you, even though it might seem a little boring what a few of them are!

  1. Finish reading 'A Clash Of Kings' - book two in the Song of Ice and Fire series. I've been on this book for almost two months and only just over 200 pages into the 800+ plus pages. I keep leaving it at home when I go out, so have made very little progress with this.
  2. Finish sorting out my Marvel fact file folders. I am so behind on this, it is unreal.
  3. Reach 20 followers via GFC! If you like my blog, please follow me to help me reach this goal :)
  4. Re-tax my car. I've never had to do this before as I've not had my car for long, but this runs out next month and I CAN NOT forget to do this.
  5. Do at least three more beauty videos on my YouTube. I've done a couple, but I seem to focus more on hauls and clothes, so would like to do this before the new year!
  6. See my friends more. I'm so bad with this. Having different working schedules make this very hard, but this needs to happen.
  7. Finish my Christmas shopping. I was an early bird with this and started in September as I don't earn a lot of money to do it all in one go. I've got about four more things to get for people, so this will be achieved!
  8. Buy some better make up brushes!
  9. Make some more blogger friends. I've communicated with a couple of people here and there, but would love to make friends with more people here. I love this community and would like to be friends with more of you!
  10. Get into a better sleeping pattern. I can go to bed anytime between midnight and 3am and still wake up at 8am regardless and feel horrible. I have insomnia so falling asleep is hard for me most nights, but I need to get myself into a sleeping pattern and quickly.
  11. Buy the Urban Decay Naked palette that I've had my eyes on for months. Need.
  12. Save my money. Considering I don't earn a huge amount of money each month and I have a car to run, I am so bad at saving up for things. I need to pay my dad back a ridiculous amount of money and I need to pay off other things too. It's rare I make it to payday with more than £10 to my name.
  13. Clean out my clothes, shoes and bags. I've got an excessive amount of each and need a good clear-out. I've changed a lot since June, so this is a need.
  14. Clean my room out properly, regardless that I have done bits here and there, but it is still so cluttered and I'd like to show more of my room in my YouTube videos.
  15. Hit 150 subscribers on YouTube ~ my channel
  16. Hit 140 twitter followers ~ my twitter
  17. Have a hair cut
  18. Buy some new bed sheets. Mine are finally starting to wear out and it's annoying
  19. Try and get more shifts at work. NEED, NEED, NEED
  20. See the Doctor AGAIN, about whatever this thing on my arm is. He still doesn't know.
  21. Re-watch the Potter films
  22. Learn some more Japanese. I was doing well and had learnt a handful of words, but just stopped all of a sudden and need to pick this up again.
  23. Sort out my calendars and diaries for next year. Carry the diary with me all the time from now on so that I can begin making plans for things.
  24. Collab with people on YouTube. This might not necessarily be for this side of 2014, but I'd like to start this!
  25. Spend more time with the family. Living with Dad you'd think I see him a lot, but it's rare we're in the same room for long as we're doing our own things! Mum lives not 10 minutes away so need to try and get there more.
Well there is my list for now. It was a little longer than I expected and I remembered bits as I was writing this! Are there any things you would like to do before the new year hits in a matter of weeks? Hopefully I can achieve some of these before then! Hope you all have a great Wednesday and stay safe :)

Tania xxx

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  1. Good Bye 2013 and Heartly Welcome 2014. it is a great idea. we Our New Year Planning just like hard & smart work, Save money, Spend more time with the family and i leaved a totaly bad ideas and more thing.


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