Thursday 23 January 2014

Etsy Mini Haul

Hello everyone!

I am a lover of all things quirky, unique and fandom based. So for me, the perfect little shopping spot on the internet is Etsy. I go on there and just search for anything such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and Supernatural - just to name a few. I never really intend to buy anything, but I found some absolute beauties in the jewelry section at the beginning of the month. I found a little shop on there called UniqueStyleDo and the things they have on offer! They are situated in Malaysia so it took a few weeks for these to arrive, but it was worth it!

The 'Hand of the King' ring from Game of Thrones. This was £1.69! It has an adjustable ring, so I can fit it onto most of my fingers easily, which is a nice little bonus! It's made from metal, yet is really light in weight, so will be perfect for when I go to the MCM Expo later in the year. I only discovered GOT last year and have become a big fan of it quickly.

Not a massive Twilight fan, but I did enjoy the films over the book! I saw this and liked that it was all sparkly before realizing it was from said film, however I liked it so I've got it! It was £1.34 and is a US size 8 ring, which is a bit big for the finger I wanted it for, so will be getting another in the right size!

Necklaces are a fave of mine, and these three caught my eye instantly. The left one is a Pentagram/Pentacle, mainly known in the Supernatural fandom, so I just had to get it. I've always loved this shape as it is, so I have quite a lot of things similar to this! It cost me £1.49.
The middle one is the Evenstar necklace that Arwen has from Lord of the Rings. Another fave book and film series of mine (plus the Hobbit movies), so these are so small are cute! I actually mentioned wanting this in a wishlist I posted a few days before buying it! Now the happy owner of the item for £1.38!

My final item in my mini haul is the necklace on the right. The One Ring, from Lord of the Rings. It is nice and small, but doesn't have much weight to it, so I'm undecided if I like it a lot yet! I'm still on the hunt for an actual metal one, as this one is more of a plastic/brass ring. Though, for £1.25 I can't complain at all!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this tiny haul of goodies that I've found! This all came to £7.15 with £4.62 shipping, so a grand total of £11.77 for the lot. I am so happy with these, that I'm going to be checking out their shop again later to see what else I would like!

Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)


  1. lovely haul, you got them all at such a good price

    Sophie xx

  2. I love etsy, the stuff is so cute!


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