Saturday 25 January 2014

The 2014 Spending Ban | My Life

Hello everyone!

It is that time of year where I need to start to think about saving up for things and not spending so much. I do this every year and I am usually a little successful, but sadly I am a shopaholic and this needs to stop. Or at least I need to pull the reins in a little.

In total for all the things I would like to buy, and the places I wish to go to, then I need to save up £1300-£1400 in total this year. The lowest is easier to achieve so I think that I the main aim. The two things I really need to save up for is my holiday in July and the MCM Expo in October. I'm also looking to get a new iPod Touch, as mine is pretty much broken, and for the same reason, I'd like a new laptop.

The family goes to Cornwall every year in the summer for our holiday, and thankfully Dad pays for the accommodation and the meals, but it would be nice if I could get them all dinner for once. We're going for a few weeks so I've decided about £300 should cover me. I've managed to do the holiday on £200 before, but that was back before I became a beauty addict!

The MCM London Expo in October is something I have wanted to go to for years. My cousins Daniel and Lucy, have gone for at least the past five years. I see their photos from it and all the goodies they come back with and I just really want to go. At Christmas they asked if me and the sister would like to come in October. I said yes, but sister will be at Uni so don't think she'll be able to make it. I am however, really looking for it, and we're already sorting out our Cosplay outfits for the event! Won't tell you mine as I want it to be a surprise for a blog for that month! All the train/bus fares, plus the tickets and anything I want to buy over the two days will come to about £300-£400. *sharp intake of breath*

My iTouch has been having trouble for a few months, so this is something I would like to buy before Cornwall if I can manage that. The one I am after is about £300, so I hope it will still be about when I have the money. On top of that, my laptop has been breaking down since the summer. I found one for just under £410 so that might be an option. I won't be getting this until the end of the year, or maybe even this time next year if I can help it, as the other three are more important to me. At the very least I have a semi-working netbook that I have as a backup. 

So that come to £1300 minimum and £1400 maximum. Honestly, I don't see me getting a new laptop this side of 2015! I really need to stop buying clothes and makeup for the sake of it. I MUST use up all my beauty things before I buy anything new!!

Are you on a spending ban or saving up for something nice? Let me know in a comment :) Hope you're day is going well and keep safe :)


  1. I'm on a spending ban too!!! not for anything in particular but i graduate college in may so i need to start saving for the future/summer!! we can do it together!! :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone!! I'm so bad at saving, but I am determined to do it properly this year. Doing this with someone else would make me feel tons better! :) x


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