Saturday 4 January 2014

Fragrance Direct Haul & 100th Post!

Hello everyone!

Well this is my 100th blog post! YAY! I've done about 50-60 posts since September so this has made me awfully happy to have hit this many posts. I've had the blog for years, but have only recently really got my teeth into and used it properly. So to mark my 100th post, this is a nice beauty post on some goodies I purchased just before Christmas but have held off doing a post until I could test them all out.

All were purchased off of Fragrance Direct. I love their site so I'm constantly going back there for my beauty bits. I was greeted with the wonderful sight of a package one morning and the delights that were inside! I'd forgot I had ordered so much this time, so was quite pleased with how much I had got for so little! The entire contents of this box is less than £20, which to me is a total bargain! My first four products are these lip products! I'm not normally a huge fan of lipsticks as I find the texture of some really horrible and tacky, but I decided to give these a try and was delighted with the look.

The top one is a Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick in 760 Luminous Cocoa for £1.99. This is a slight brown/nude shade and is perfect for daytime wear as I don't want anything to bright on during the day. It is really light and non-tacky, plus has a slight berry taste to it, though I've seen other reviews where people haven't mentioned this, so it could just be me!

The next two are by Constance Caroll. The left one is 20 Begonia and the right is 201 True Pink. These were 50p each, so you cannot go wrong here. My sister is the owner of True Pink, but as I bought it for her I've included it in the haul! She has told me that she likes it, so that is her short review on that one. Begonia is my one, and is much like the Maybelline lipstick, but I found it a little harder to smudge on my lips. However it isn't tacky or heavy to wear and is a perfect shade for me, as I don't want my lips to drag attention away from my eyes.

Lastyly for my lips is the wonderful Technic Fruity Roll on Lipgloss in Strawberry. I usually hate lipglosses as they are always horribly sticky and runny. But this little gem is not only tasty due to the Strawberry scent and slight taste, but it's not as sticky as I thought. It is obviously runnier than a lipstick, but this has been a little lifesaver during this cold we're having in the UK right now. Plus it was only 50p so BARGAIN!

Up next are all the wonderful nail polishes I picked up. If you know me or have been following me blog for a while you will know that I love having my nails covered in a variety of colours and have recently branched out into the realms of nail art. I own so many reds, pinks and blues, that I decided to get some brighter colours ready for summer. Yes, I am thinking that far ahead.

Neon Yellow | Pink Ice | Neon Orange |  Neon Green
These four Constance Caroll polishes are so pretty with how bright they are! These were all 50p each so I bought four of them and have already tested some designs out with them. The Pink Ice was perfect for the last few day of December. I'll be using the other three a lot more come Summer as they are so nice and bright so I want to show them off, not cover them in my gloves.

Ink Splatter | Snow Blast | Hard As Nails in Boo Creme
Next are three products from Sally Hansen. I've seen many polishes from this brand all over the blog, but didn't own any of my own. I also wanted to try out these crackle polishes so bought them in both colours available. The crackle polishes were 99p each and the Nail hardener was £1.99, which is pretty good considering I've seen these in drugstores at much higher prices. The Hard as Nails has been so good for me due to me always smashing my nails up when working on the till!

I next spotted this little trio pack of Mini nail polishes from Royal Cosmetics in some pretty nude tones and thought they would be perfect to wear incognito at work. For 99p for the little set, I was tempted to buy them in the other colours as well, but decided these would be fine for now. I like them, but you need to do so many coats of them before you can really see anything on your nails, which is a little annoying, but for the price I can't complain. I won't use these often, but I'll keep them to one side just in case I want a little bit of colour for the day! They are only 6ml bottles so I'm sure I can use them up quickly or make some weird combination out of them for a manicure!

Last for my nails were these six Technic nail are pens. They come in packs of three and these seem to be the only ones available everywhere that I've looked for them! The white, purple and gold were in one set, and the silver, pink and black were in the other one. I used the gold one like crazy for Christmas to draw gift ribbons on my nails! The brush for these are really long and thin, so you can do a variety of designs and shapes with them. These were £1.50 each and if I see them in any other colours I would buy these instantly as I found them so easy to use. I recommend these to anyone starting out with nail designs!

124 Myrrh | 105 Sandstone

Last in my haul and a real bargain were these two Calvin Klein eyeshadows. They were originally £13 and I managed to get them for an amazing £1.99 EACH. I thought that for such a drop in price that they mustn't be very good, but I really liked the look of them so bought them and gave them a try. I've worn them every day since as they are wonderful. Both are very pigmented so you can load up your brush once and have enough for all of the eye to get a really nice and even coverage and it lasted about 8 hours before it began to crease up, so I am incredibly pleased with these. I've ordered them in other colours as well as I like them so much!

If you like any of these, you can find them on the Fragrance Direct website :)

If you've been following me for a while or just recently, thank you! I really appreciate everyone who looks at my blog and those who follow me on GFC or Bloglovin are amazing as it lets me know I am doing something right! I hope you all liked this little beauty haul and until next time, keep safe and have a lovely weekend :)
Tania xxx


  1. Great post I actually just made a huge order from fragrance direct also :D love everything you got I just bought perfume xx

  2. congrats on your 100th post! I love Fragrance Direct so much, so many amazing bargains every time you check the site lol x


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