Thursday 2 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas

Hello everyone!

I've seen a lot of bloggers doing this over the past week, so thought I would hop aboard the blog train and do one of my own! I've not shown all the things I got, as some are more personal and bits and pieces were clothes which I am saving for another day!

Standard Disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag or show off the things I got at all. I'm one of those people who like seeing what others got for their gifts, so I hope you like seeing some of the things I received.

L to R: Simple Moisture Set, from Lauren | Sex in the City Kiss Perfume & Body Set, from Jodie | Academy of Colour Nail Polish Set, from Jackie | Dove Beauty Set, from Mum

L to R: Body Papmper Set, from Nicola | Picture Snow Globe, from Mum! ~ The Snow Globe has this picture of my and my Mum on one side and then a picture of me on the other!

L to R: My DVD's! Sex and the City | Supernatural Season 4 | Despicable Me 2 | Fantasic Four & Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer | The IT Crowd Boxset | Johnny English: Reborn | The A Team | Love & Other Drugs | Thor | Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows ~ All from my Dad

L to R: Marvel Book Collection, from Dad | Memories Album, from Julie & Lisa

L to R: Primark Giftcards, from Julie & Lisa, Mum and Uncle Barry | Heart Necklace, from Julie & Lisa | Headphones, from Dad

L to R: Homemade bookmarks | The Homemade giftboxes | Handmade Gryffindor Bracelet | Captain America USB | Handeade Sibling Coupons! ~ All from my wonder Sister Ash :)

L to R: Triangle Necklace & Star Earrings ~ both from Jackie | Diamante Heart USB & Penguin Socks ~ both from Mum 

L to R: Grey Gloves | Matching Hat and Scarf Set ~ From Dad!

I think I was a little spoiled this year! I also received some money from relatives too, but I've decided not to show that. Again, I'm not trying to brag or show off my gifts, I just thought this would be a nice blog post :) I am so very grateful for everything I got and I am slowly making my way through the DVD's and beauty bits. I've used some things already so didn't show them either!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that 2014 is going well so far. Keep safe and have a good day :)
Tania xxx

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  1. WOW! You got some wonderful gifts! Looking forward to see what you'll buy with Primark vouchers and I love how many DVDs you got! The snow globe photo is also such a good idea - I'll keep it in mind for future!


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