Monday 10 March 2014

Etsy Rings Haul

Hello everyone!

Last month I ventured onto Etsy again to just browse, and I was a little naughty and bought three beautiful rings that I couldn't resist buying. I found a really nice shop called ULoveFashion where they make some beautiful handmade jewelry items. They are based in Hong Kong, so it's taken three weeks for them to arrive. I chose three rings of different designs to buy and here they are!

This little package covered in Chinese writing arrived and when opened, there was a little golden bag with thee separate bags inside and then this other little bag with a ring in it, which was a free gift! It's just a small plastic one, which sadly doesn't fit me at all, but I'm sure I can find a use for it!

The blue ring cost £4.94 and can be worn either this way or the other, and it a gorgeous blue colour. This is a US size 7, which only fits my ring finger on both hands, so it's been on the right hand for most of the week.
The red one is a design I found interesting, so had to get it. It's huge. This cost £4.86 and is also a US size 7, but fits my middle fingers the best. Not sure why the same size doesn't fit certain fingers, but I think the band is thicker on the red one!
Lastly is the crystal ring which is a US size 7.5 and cost £4.03. This only fits the middle fingers comfortably, so this has been worn a lot recently!

Hope you liked this mini haul from Etsy! If you liked any of them, let me know below in the comments :) Hope you're all having a great day and keep safe :)

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