Saturday 29 March 2014

My First Lush Haul! | Beauty

Hello everyone!

I've not gone into a Lush store for well over 9-10 years now, and the one in my town is the size of my bedroom, so I don't really go near it! However, after seeing so many good reviews and products on the blogs over the last few months, I just had to go in. As the store is quite small, you can find things pretty quickly. I decided on a couple of bath ballistics, but will be going back again to get some bubble bars and other things! Since this is my first little lush haul, I thought I would share my two items with you!

I'm so happy with them both! I've yet to use either one, but I'm planning on using the Big Blue one sometime this week. I'm so bad with describing scents, so sorry in advance! The Big Blue smells sugary and like refreshers sweets all at once. It's not an overpowering smell, but I hope it will be nice to relax in! I found it very crumbly when I took the pictures, so a lot of it is on my bedroom floor! The Avobath ballistic is my favourite. It smells like love heart sweets, which I adore! I'm going to save this one for a long bath day just so I can relax in it for a long time.

I'll take some instagram pictures of them when I use them! Are there any Lush goodies you think I should give a try? Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)

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