Monday 29 September 2014

Boots Exfoliating Sponge | Review

Hello everyone!

Again, while in Cornwall I picked up this Exfoliating Sponge in Boots for £1.50. I've been using this with the Boots Cucumber Face Wash, which you can read my review on here. I found that without using this, the faced wash wasn't all that great, but using this sponge made it so much better.

The sponge itself is small enough for the palm of your hand and is pretty soft, but at the same time rough. To use, you simple wet it and apply the face wash onto it, before then rubbing it in a circular motion around your face. Do be careful of the eye area! I accidentally used this on the skin under my eyes and it hurt for hours afterwards!

Once you've used it, you just wash it as best you can with water and then let it dry naturally. It does suggest that you clean it every few washes, so I've been using a normal shampoo just to clean it. If there are any better ways to clean this, please let me know!

For £1.50 I cannot fault this and think it is a really handy little tool to have on standby for all those face washes I hate for not being an exfoliant. Have you tried this and what were your thoughts? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. I feel as though I have been missing out that I didn't know such a thing exists!
    I will definitely be trying this one out xxx

  2. It is an excellent product

  3. It is an excellent product


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