Tuesday 30 September 2014

Cornwall Holiday Diary, Day Ten

Hello everyone!

Day Ten: Today we went to Looe, which is a little seaside town with a few shops and places to eat - basically like all of Cornwall. Looe is about an hour or so away from where we stay so it was a nice early start to the day! After Looe we went to Trago Mills which is a very large sorta discount store. I love it there. I could spend all my money in there very easily. We didn't do much once we got back as it was getting pretty late, but I did find a gigantic spider in the bathroom!

You can watch the vlog for this day HERE.

Rocking the Marvel top today | Looe

NELSON! | The water was so clear, we all wanted to jump in it.

Our fave tea room in Looe and it's above a sweet store!

Solero! | Banjo Pier

Granded enjoying and ice cream | High tide mark in the town

Words cannot describe how good this dinner was. We eat here every time we are in Looe, so I recommend it!

We had a really nice sunny day for Looe, and it was nice to be back there after not seeing it for two years! Also, getting to see where the high tide mark was in the town during the bad winter weather they had in February was pretty scary. It was halfway up the high street and we'd have been nearing knee deep in it! Hope you liked this little snippet of the holiday and look out for day eleven soon!

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