Monday 1 September 2014

My August 2014 | My Life

Hello everyone!

Here is just a little recap of my month again! :)  Hope you like this little overview of August.

  • Spent the first 8 days of the month on the last part of our holiday
  • Car went in for fixing and I got a horrid hire car
  • Had dinner out with Nicola
  • Saw Guardians of the Galaxy with Billy and OMG it was incredible
  • Finally got round to seeing Thor 2 and Capt America 2. Both were amazing and I loved them
  • Saw Auntie Jackie, Daniel and Lucy one Saturday afternoon
  • The ceiling at work collapsed while I was there. Interesting shift to say the least!
  • My summer bundle giveaway ended
  • I've done really well with a spending ban so far!
  • Work started closing at Middnight which I am still far from happy about
  • Florida obsession started again
  • Had a very good laugh with Nicola about a certain somebody and glad we could share the moment!
  • Caught up on most of the Marvel movies and began watching Scandal and Orange is the new Black, which I just love!
  • Ended up in the hospital with Bicep Tendonitus! It's quite painful!
  • Robin Williams and Richard Attenborogh passed away :(
  • Columbus Short followed me on twitter!
  • TV I've watched: Scandal, Mrs. Brown's Boys, Orange is the new Black
  • Films I've watched: Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: Dark World & American Hustle
  • What I've been reading: Shout, A song of ice and fire
Cornwall Holiday ended! It was such a nice holiday and a welcome break from the crapiness of things back in my life!
Got to baby sit Jack with mum and Ash | I'm missing Disneyworld this month | With Nicola after one of our dinners out!
Finally got my hands on a Tanya Burr polish | Walking out of the hopsital with Dad after I had to go in! | Dad bought me an early birthday present in the form of a new laptop!
Went to see GOTG with Billy and it was truly amazing. #Groot | Saw Thor 2 on DVD and it was okay, but the first was way better | Capt 2 came out on DVD and I finally got to see it. LOVED IT. 
This literally made my week. And yes it is him, the account is verified!

Well that is it for my month overall! This has definitely an interesting and fun month along with some awesome weather! Not sure what is happening next month, other than me turning 22! Hope you enjoyed this catch-up post, and keep safe :)

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