Monday, 3 April 2017

Mini Superdrug Haul

Ooh it's been a while since I posted anything beauty related! I've been struggling with beauty posts lately, and though I love doing them, I've found that lifestyle posts are so much easier and enjoyable to write! However, making a plan to change that and post a few beauty posts a month, so here we have a mini Superdrug haul ready to kick off April!

During my last trip down town, I picked up these four goodies! I'd only gone in to get the powder - which is a current fave of mine! - and came out with the other bits! At the time there was a skincare offer on, so with the three skincare items I picked up, I also got a mini Versace perfume to test out!

Not tried it yet, but I had a quick smell, and it's lovely! I gave the micellar water a try the other night and not 100% about it, but will give it a few more uses before a final verdict!

Not a bad little haul for £10.67! What have you recently been purchasing? Let me know, I love being nosey with people's hauls! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Ohh let us know how the pore strips work! I've always been curious about those.

    Corinne x

    1. So far not bad! Will do a post on them at some point! xx

  2. Ooo I've been wanting to try the pore strips for a while and also been debating a blackhead peel! Also I I love Makeup Revolution products - I'm yet to try the pressed powder so I'll deffo pick that up at a later date :) I'd love to know how to get on!

    Tania | Teabee - UK Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blog xx

    1. I love pore strips, they always work for me, and these are pretty good too! The powder is a fave, it's so good for me! :) xx


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