Monday, 3 April 2017

Mini Superdrug Haul

Ooh it's been a while since I posted anything beauty related! I've been struggling with beauty posts lately, and though I love doing them, I've found that lifestyle posts are so much easier and enjoyable to write! However, making a plan to change that and post a few beauty posts a month, so here we have a mini Superdrug haul ready to kick off April!

During my last trip down town, I picked up these four goodies! I'd only gone in to get the powder - which is a current fave of mine! - and came out with the other bits! At the time there was a skincare offer on, so with the three skincare items I picked up, I also got a mini Versace perfume to test out!

Not tried it yet, but I had a quick smell, and it's lovely! I gave the micellar water a try the other night and not 100% about it, but will give it a few more uses before a final verdict!

Not a bad little haul for £10.67! What have you recently been purchasing? Let me know, I love being nosey with people's hauls! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Corinne said...

Ohh let us know how the pore strips work! I've always been curious about those.

Corinne x

Teabee said...

Ooo I've been wanting to try the pore strips for a while and also been debating a blackhead peel! Also I I love Makeup Revolution products - I'm yet to try the pressed powder so I'll deffo pick that up at a later date :) I'd love to know how to get on!

Tania | Teabee - UK Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blog xx

Tania Michele said...

So far not bad! Will do a post on them at some point! xx

Tania Michele said...

I love pore strips, they always work for me, and these are pretty good too! The powder is a fave, it's so good for me! :) xx

Sarah's World said...

Micellar water is amazing! I'm using the No7 micellar water at the minute and my skin feels great! Please let me know how it goes for you as it's a lot cheaper than the one I'm using and I need beauty products to match my budget! x

Tania Michele said...

I've used the NO7 one, and it dried my skin out! The one I bought above is a really good one, although does leave the skin a little oily compared to the usual - but as I wash my face afterwards as well, I don't mind! xx

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