Wednesday 26 April 2017

Snow White | Disney Inspired Lookbook

In May 2014 was when I first had the idea to do a set of Disney Princess inspired looks on my blog! I started off with Snow White, and then managed to do a load more for the other Princesses. As I'm off to Florida this year, I'm getting into Disney movies again, and even though I have my top 5 faves, I love Disney as a whole.

I've decided to do a little Disney Inspired Lookbook, in the run up to the holiday, soooo probably a lookbook a month at least! At the moment, all the looks are inspired by the Disney Princesses, but might add other characters later if I'm feeling it.

I've tried to find products that aren't super expensive, so the looks are semi-attainable! I'm LOVING these yellow heels for Snow White, so might treat myself to these anyway.

What part of the look is your favourite, and who is your fave Disney Princess? Let me know! I'm a Mulan and Rapunzel girl, myself! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I have always wanted to do this, either for Belle or Tangled. I really need to try, it looks so pretty! :) Can't wait for the others!


    1. Bell and Rapunzel are on my list of Princesses to do, so watch out for them! xx

  2. Hi Tania :) has been a while since I visited your blog and you changed your layout!! It's really nice :) also I really love this Snow White inspired lookbook!! xx

    1. Glad you like the new layout and lookbook! xx


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