Friday 7 April 2017

2017 Goals Check In!

Back at the start of the year, I shared with you my 2017 Goals for the year ahead. Seeing as we've rolled into April already (where has this year gone!?!) I thought I'd do a mini check in to see how I'm going so far with a few of the goals. If you want to see all of the goals, check out the original blog post.

Personal Goals
  • Read 4 books - Not even started this yet! Oops!
  • Drive somewhere new - Drove to Mike's new house last week! 
  • Go to the cinema 15 times - Not too bad here, managed 3 trips so far
  • Start & uphold, the 52 Week Saving Challenge - I've done pretty well here! Week 14 and still going!
  • Organise my room better - Totally done this!  
  • Start and finish writing a book - Sort of. I wrote an outline... Does that count?
  • Go out more often - So far, one trip to Mike's and that's been it!

Blog Goals
  • 1200 Bloglovin followers - At 1009, so possible to do still!
  • 5500 Twitter followers - At 4895...
  • 1250 Instagram followers - Sitting on 1138, and have been for a month now!
  • 400 YouTube subscribers ✔
  • 350 Facebook page likes ✔
  • 200,000 blog page views ✔
  • Post 3 times each week ✔

Overall, not too bad so far! I really need to get a move on with the personal goals, as those are the ones I actually want to achieve by the end of the year! Quite happy with how my blog goals are going so far, and the fact I've achieved a handful of them already!

How are you doing with all of your goals or resolutions for the year so far? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Wow - you're doing really well with your 2017 goals considering it's only April! Way to go :) x x

    1. I've still got a bit of a way to go with some of them, but glad I've managed a few already! xx

  2. Sounds like you've achieved some great things! I'm losing Instagram followers so you're doing better than me!

    Corinne x

    1. I think I only gained those followers due to a competition I done - it's not gone up since then sadly! xx

  3. That's so awesome you've hit your goals already and it's only April! I would totally keep bumping up those follower counts to see how high they can go. One thing that really made a difference for my was Board Booster for Pinterest - it's free and I gained like 400 followers in about 10 days. Good luck girl and love your blog!

    1. Thank you Katherine!! I'm hoping to have achieved 80% of them by July, so going to have to keep working hard at it! xx


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