Monday 5 February 2018

Top 10 RuPaul's Drag Race Lip Syncs!

Last year, I started watching RuPaul's Drag race for the first time, and it was honestly the best decision of all of 2017. I've become obsessed with the show, Ru's songs, the Queens, and even the slang. I was gagging for season 3 of All Stars to start, and now it's finally airing, I've decided to look back at my fave 10 lip syncs from the previous seasons!

Manila Luzon vs Delta Work
This is one I remember for the wonders of Manila's facial expressions! The song itself it hilarious - honestly, listen to the lyrics - and Manila and Delta performed this AMAZINGLY, but Manila deserved that win!

Nina Bo'Nina Brown and Valentina
'I'd like to keep it on please.'
This was a HUGE twist of season 9. I had Valentina down as my season winner before all this mask business!! Sadly, this is what happens when you don't learn the lyrics!

Alyssa Edwards vs Tatianna 
This lip sync gives me LIFE. The synchronized twirling, the outfits, the entire performance is one of my all time faves in drag race herstory. I've watched this more times that I will admit...

Jinkx Monsoon and Detox
I'm not a massive lover of this song, but the way Detox and Jinkx perfomed this lip sync was really memorable. Jinkx's grinding is one of the funniest things I've seen. And then Detox's jaw wiggles are one of the things I always think of when I see her name pop up on social media!

India Ferrah and Mimi Imfurst
I remember this one for all the wrong reasons - and it's made my top 10 list anyway. 'Drag is not a contact sport!!'
I still can't believe that Mimi picked her up like it was a wrestling match, but it's gone down as one of the most memorable moments in drag herstory for this reason.

Jujubee vs Raven
I cannot fail to get a bit teary-eyed every time I see this one. Juju and Raven were my faves of season 2, and then again in All Stars 1, but having to see them go against each other like this, was heartbreaking! I loved this whole performance.

Trinity Taylor vs Charlie Hides
I think we can all safely say that Trinity rightly deserved the win on this lip sync. I still can't understand why Charlie just stood there!! Even in her solo interview she said she'd just go home at this stage as she only sings live. Trinity killed this!

The Princess and Dida Ritz
Dida's dance to this is what I always think of when this song plays at work! I don't remember what The Princess does at all during this lip sync - she was very forgettable. Dida totally nailed this song.

Milk and Trinity K. Bonet
I thought the way Trinity performed this was true to the song, and captured the lyrics perfectly. Sadly it meant saying goodbye to Milk, who I really liked as her drag was a total different style to all the other girls.

Roxxxy Andrews and Alyssa Edwards
Who can forget this one? The whole thing was amazing. The wig reveal, the bus stop story, no elimination - amazing. This is another one that makes me weepy, as Roxxxy's story is heartbreaking, and I'm glad both queen's got to stay, as Alyssa's my fave of season 5!

I really had to narrow my list down, but these are the ones I remember for the reasons above. If you're a fan of the show, what are your fave lip syncs? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Tatianna and Alyssa Edwards belong in history books. LOVE this show! I actually saw Trixie Mattel Friday night!

    Rachel ||

    1. I could watch that performance on repeat all day, it's just AMAZING! I'm also so jealous you saw a Trixie show!! xx

  2. A gag-worthy post if there ever was one!! So many great ones mentioned - Tatiana vs Alyssa is definitely one of my all time favourites. Ben de la Creme's lipsyncs in AS3 were also fierce - her and Aja's Anaconda was shelarious perfection!

    1. Thank you! I should update this with the AS3 ones, as some of them were AMAZING! XX


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