Wednesday 21 February 2018

10 Reasons Why Being A Geek Is Awesome

I, Tania Michele, am a geek. I'm a self confessed lover of comic books, comic con, almost every fandom going, and quoter of pop fiction.

Being a geek is something I love as part of my identity, and it's been something I've classed myself as since I was about 12, so this has been a long time love affair. If you're a geek as well, then you're super shiny, for going on this unexpected journey, so just watch your language, and you will forever and always, be a geek.

Here are some reasons why I think being a geek is totally wicked!

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You'll notice a fandom reference a mile away. This could be a simple word that reminds you of a fandom, or quoting a whole scene with a friend or someone online. I still can't hear the words shiny or always without thinking about Firefly or Harry Potter!

Comic Con
I go to the one in London each October, but they also have other locations like Manchester, Birmingham, and Scotland. This is the perfect place to go to buy copious amounts of geek merchandise, meet celebs from your fave tv shows or movies, and meet up with like-minded individuals. I end up spending the weekend here, and bought waaaay to much! I've met the Hillywood Show girls here before, and that was one of my fave memories!

This is my downfall. I have so many merch items. This is a fun way to decorate your house/bedroom. My room is filled with Pop! figures, Marvel figurines, movie posters, and Harry Potter memorabilia. This is also a nice way to collect items, and it's something I think is always worth the money! Merchandise is a great thing about being a geek, as there is just so much to choose from.

Golden Age of Super Hero Movies
And also TV shows. I was 16 when the first Marvel phase one film came out - aka, Iron Man. They've just celebrated their 10 year 'class photo' in what I can only describe as the most talent-filled picture I think I've ever seen. We're all lucky to be alive while all these amazing geek films are being made. Be it Marvel, DC, Kick-Ass, or TV shows like Supernatural, Chicago Fire, Grey's Anatomy, there is a fandom for everyone to find their niche.

Comic Books
This is a relatively new find from 2016 that I've become quite into. I mainly only read DC's rebirth of the Harley Quinn series, but I also have a few Marvel comics, along with both volumes of The Losers. This a relatively cheap item to buy (usually under £3/$3). It's usually bi-weekly, so doesn't break the bank.

I've mentioned fandoms a lot in the above sections. You can be a Potterhead, a Supernatural Hunter, a member of whatever GOT house you want to be, an Agent of SHEILD, or a Doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Pretty much 90% of TV shows and movies end up with a fandom, and they're full of some awesome fans. Plus the fandoms are the best place to meet others with the same interests, and you can debate about 'Cleganbowl' for as long as you want!

I've found a lot of friends online via fandoms and twitter. I've met a few at Comic-Con, but the majority are online friends from around the globe. Harry Potter was my biggest connector as a teenager - I found a load of people who loved the books and films, and even now, 12 years later, I'm still chatting to a load of them. Fandoms connect people!

Who else loves the abundance of pop culture quizzes you can find online? Yes, we may never know for sure what Hogwarts house we would be in, but we can always find out if we're more like Sherlock or John with the amount of quizzes online.

Something about being a geek teaches you self-love. You know who you are and you're proud to be that way. I was the girl who knew all about Harry Potter at school, and I wore that badge with honor. It teaches you that there are other like you out in the wild, and what's not to love about being your authentic self?

Your costumes are always on point. I hate dressing up for Halloween, but if I treat it like a cosplay day, then I will go all out on whatever character I want to be that day! If you hand make them, you're also learning skills such as sewing, crafting, and the wonder of being a seamstress!

Are you a geek? If so, why do you love being one? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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