Friday 9 February 2018

Fun Things You And Your Family Could Do This Weekend*

Do you wish you and your family spent more time together? Well, we’re a bit guilty of becoming absorbed in our own worlds from time to time, if we’re being honest with ourselves. We all lock ourselves away in our rooms and catch up on the shows we want to see or message our friends rather than simply arranging a catch-up with them in person. It’s a sign of the times. Still, let’s not be negative here - there’s a way to reconnect with your family and loved ones if you just set aside a chunk of your time for socializing. Why not do something fun with your family this weekend? Here are a few ideas.

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Go to your local park
Why spend a lot of money going out and having fun with your family? That’s probably the reason you go out so infrequently in the first place; you always assume it has to cost a lot of money. But going out can be free if you’re just smart about the way in which you do it. And visiting your local park doesn’t have to cost a thing. At the same time, there are countless fun things that you and your family could do at the local park without spending a thing. You could play a game of Capture The Flag, for example. Or if you’d rather not cause arguments through a competitive team-based game then you could bring a Frisbee or a few kites for some entertainment. The list really does go on.

Do some baking
Of course, you don’t have to leave the house this weekend if you and the family want to have fun. You could do some baking. It’s a simple activity, and it produces a delicious result. Still, even if your baking doesn’t produce a delicious result, that’s not the important thing. As long as you and your family are having fun by trying (and perhaps failing) at a new activity together then you’re going to have a great weekend.

Start watching a new TV series
TV isn’t evil, despite the fact that we’re constantly told to avoid technology and enjoy the “real” things in life. Obviously, it’s nice to get outside once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you and the family can’t have fun simply by staying at home. Technology isn’t so bad when you let it bring you and your loved ones together, and there’s no better way to do that than to watch a TV series together. Do you struggle to get everybody to relax in the same room? Well, once you’re all hooked on a new show and you’ve agreed that you can only watch it together, it’ll be impossible to stop everyone from gathering in the same room to catch up on the latest episodes.

Of course, agreeing on the TV series that you and your family are going to watch can be a nightmare. Avoid the hour-long argument and agree on something that you’re all going to enjoy. You should choose a style of show that’s appropriate for every member of the family. You could check out Naruto, as that’s a classic anime with storylines that appeal to both younger and older audiences. You should also get a Netflix subscription because there are heaps of binge-worthy shows on there, and the selection is updated every week, so you’ll never run out of things to watch as a family.

Make some plans for the future
Obviously, you don’t want to waste your entire weekend sitting down and making plans; you want to get out there and start living so that you and your family can spend your time having fun and making memories. However, you could have many more happy weekends and bigger breaks in the future if you just sat down as a family and made some plans. You could decide where you want to go on vacation this year, for starters; it should be a family decision, after all.

You could even agree to start an annual tradition, such as going to Comic-Con every year. If you have family events that you love to do together on a regular basis then you’re going to have fun weekends well into the future. Why stop at this weekend, after all?

You and your loved ones should be spending time together and making memories every time you have free time. The point being made in this article is that you don’t need to wait for the summer or winter break in order to have fun with your family. A weekend is just as good a time as any.

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  1. Great tips! I love making plans for the future. It's so fun to plan holidays/trips etc.
    Alex Quinn /

    1. I like planning out and seeing what places we can go to! xx


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