Thursday 30 October 2014

MCM Comic Con London 2014

Hello everyone!

On the 25th an 26th of this month, I went to the MCM Comic Con in London with my cousin's Daniel and Lucy! This is the first Expo/Con that I've ever been too, and it was AMAZING. I thought I would share some pictures of the weekend with you all, so I hope you enjoy! You can find out more about the event HERE. The dates for the Expo next year have been released already, and I so badly want to go again!

The vlog from the weekend can be found HERE!

Saturday 25th
Today I woke up at 4:30am to get ready! I had to pick my cousins at 5:30 so we could get to the train station for the 6am train! I've never been so sleepy and hyper all at once so early in the day! We caught three trains, the final one being the DLR to the Excel Centre in London. We hadn't bought tickets in advance so we had to go to the general entry for the day and OMG the queue.
We queued up for FOUR hours. It was 11;50am by the time we actually got our wristbands and I swear had the staff not let us in at that moment, the 1000+ people in the queue with us would have rioted.
After finally getting into the Expo, we headed into one of the halls and had a quick wander around before going to locate Daniel and Lucy's friend Matt who was running the Eddsworld booth there. First time I've met him and he was so nice!
We then spent the next four hours walking around and buying things, looking at some awesome cosplay outfits people were decked out in and took a few pictures before having to head off to the DLR at 4pm to get our train home.
Yep, we wasted most of the day queuing up at the start. Went home and straight to bed before day two...

On the train | Queuing for 45 minutes,,,
With the cousins! | So close to the front... One more hour left
Eddworld booth | Hobbit Banner

Sunday 26th
Today I woke up at 5:30am to get ready as the train was at 7am today! Sunday was the day we chose to do cosplay - aka dress up. We all chose Harry Potter characters. Daniel was Mad-Eye Moody, Lucy was Bellatrix and I was a generic Gryffindor Student/Lavender Brown!
Having had some sense, I purchased priority tickets for the day, so we queued for less than 10 minutes today!
Within 30 minutes of the Expo being open, I'd spent £30 and picked up things I'd seen the day before and not been able to get to the booth to buy! We also had a lot of pictures taken as our little group and Daniel must have had at least 20 on his own as he was the only Mad-Eye up there. I witnessed a lightsaber fight up there and it was just epic.
We had lunch with Matt before going off to buy more things and then to take part in a little Potter vs. LOTR duel/fight photoshoot! I've never had so much fun with people I didn't know. It's great all having a love for a fandom and getting to have fun!
After the little meet up, we departed to go do a last minute walk around the Expo and bought a final few things, before saying goodbye to Matt and getting back on the DLR!

Nick Fury | Captain America;Winter Soldier characters & Tony Stark
With Matt!
Loki & Black Widow | War Machine
Snow White | Pikachu
Professor Trewlawny & Luna Lovegood | The ORIGINAL MM POWER RANGERS
Floating Pikachu | Crowds outside on the steps
With the Potter/LOTR meet up and Sherlock was killed!!

This was the first Expo I've been too, and also the first time cosplaying and I had SOOO much fun. I miss is already, along with missing my cousins! I'm already thinking about ideas for the next cosplay and hoping I can go in May and October next year!

Have you ever been to an Expo, or did you go to this one? Let me know as I'd love to see your pictures! Hope you have an awesome day everyone and keep safe :)

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