Wednesday 15 October 2014

Zoella Beauty Range | New Brand!

Hello everyone!

So today I'm going to be reviewing Zoe Sugg's range of goodies, Zoella Beauty! I've been watching Zoe's vlogs for about two years now, and have been following her blog for over a year, and I think she is a pretty amazing person. So when I heard she was doing her own beauty range, I knew I needed to get it. It was out for about a week before I bought mine, and I noticed a serious lack of reviews and hype about the products. I was hoping to get a little insight into what I was buying, but I've only seen about five or six posts on the range.

I ordered mine from Superdrug and within a few days they arrived! I only picked up three items from the range. I chose the Fizz Bar for £5, the Candle for £5 and Blissful Mistful perfume for £8.

Right off the bat, I like the scent. The candle made the scent smell a little weirder, I have to say, but I'm putting it down to the wax smell too. I cannot for the life of me describe this scent. It's slightly floral, oriental and reminds me of some sweets from my childhood. Also, the packaging is beautiful and something that is much like Zoe's blog.

Lets start with the Fizz Bar. It comes wrapped in really nice polka paper with stickers in it saying 'Do Not Eat' - likely due to it resembling a chocolate bar! Unwrapped, it is a small block of 8 chunks ready to be broken off. To me, a fizz bar should produce a lot of fizzy bubbles and dissolve pretty quickly. I ran a bath, broke off two pieces and dropped them in. Not a lot happened really. There was a little bit of fizzing action, a few little bubbles popped on the surface and the water went a light shade of pink. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. I guess I was expecting something as fizzy as a Lush product...

Onto the Candle. It comes in a small metal tin with the design all over it. It's a pretty small candle, but I like that it's in the tin with a lid so I can shut the smoke in when I blow it out! As far as a candle goes, it's pretty good. The scent is nice when it's alight, but it is really just a candle at the end of the day.

Last up is the perfume, Blissful Mistful. Honestly, this is the only product of the three that I actually really like. It's a nice palm sized bottle, with a red lid and top. The bottle is again, polka dot designed. This is the one product that smells delightful in this scent and it's not over powering at all. My Dad on the other hand, was not a fan of me sporting the scent all day. Like Zoe said in a recent vlog (4mins17seconds), she knows not everyone will like the scent!

Overall, I'm not a massive fan of the range so far. I'm thinking over getting the body lotion and bath soak just to see if they are better than the fizz bar and candle. I won't buy the candle or fizz bar again as I didn't find them all that great, but the perfume is something I will get again and I really loved it! I do like the prices though, as I know a lot of Zoe's audience are young teens who likely do not have jobs so parents are buying these for them, so that is something I like about the range.

Also, a wonderful blogger called Daisy from DaisyDaisyxxo, also done a post about this range and her's was refreshingly honest. You can read her review here. Have you tried any of the Zoella range yet, and if so, what did you think?


  1. I've not tried anything from the range, but I was interested in seeing what the scent was like, and was really eyeing up the Fizz Bar! Such a shame that it isn't as fizzy as you thought it was going to be - I thought it would be Lush style fizzy too!

    1. I really cannot describe the scent, but I think it's like marmite - you love it or hate it! I wish the fizz bar was better as that was the one I was most excited about xx

  2. everything from the range looks so pretty! I really want to try the body mist. I'm not remotely fussy with scents so I will most likely like it! x

    1. The range is beautiful, I love the packaging! I think the body mist is the best part of the range as the scent is perfect for it :) xx


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