Monday 27 October 2014

Cornwall Holiday Diary, Days Thirteen & Fourteen

Hello everyone!

Day Thirteen and Fourteen: Day 13 was our last full day in Cornwall so we spent the morning in Newquay for a last shopping trip before spending the afternoon down at the beach and cave exploring! We packed up that evening and by 6am on day 14, we were in the car for our 7 hour journay back home! We didn't have any accidents on the way home (yay!) However, after leaving the heat of Cornwall, we arrived home to rain :( What a holiday!

You can watch the vlog for these two days HERE.

OOTD | Black Diamond milkshake in Kayes, Newquay

Steak dinner at the Newquay Arms | Caravan Selfie!

Cave exploration!

Cave exploring | Family selfie!

The 'I'm a Rock' one was done by another beach go-er and then we done the other three! Mine was about my twitter, which has since changed!
Sunny beach at 6pm in the evening before going back to pack | The following day, back home - the rain began :)

We had such a great holiday and cannot believe how nice the weather was. The past 7 years of Cornwall holidays have been horribly rainy for 90% of the holiday, so this was sooo nice to have hot sunshine for the two weeks! I really hope you liked these posts and that is this series over with! Have a great day and keep safe :)

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