Thursday 23 October 2014

Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On | Review

Hello everyone!

Here is a product I never thought I'd buy. This Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On is one of those products that I find a bit... odd. I don't see much point in it. However, it was on offer in Boots a month ago when I purchased it, but you can pick it up for £5.49 if you like the look of it! It comes in a little box and then inside that is the little tube.

I love the Simple brand, and I know Garnier have done something similar to this as my friend has one! The little tube has a screw cap which holds this little rolling metal ball, which will coat itself with the formula as you roll it under your eyes.

I haven't been able to see or feel much of a difference, but first thing of a morning this is cooling enough to wake me up a bit. It didn't do much for the little bit of puffiness my eyes were showing however. I don't think this is worth the nearly £6 at all, and I'd bought it for £3.99 in the offer. I don't feel it works for me, so I won't buy this again.

Have you tried this and had a better experience? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I got this free in a birchbox, so I've been using it, but I wouldn't go out and purchase it myself!
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