Tuesday 7 October 2014

My September 2014 | My Life

Hello everyone!

Here is just a little recap of my month again! :)  Hope you like this little overview of September.
  • I turned 22 years old
  • My sister left to go to Uni :(
  • My nephew Jack got Christened
  • I go to visit my cousins Daniel and Lucy at their new place!
  • Bought all of my MCM Comic Con outfit, just need a wand now!
  • Had a few midnight shifts at work
  • Went on a lot of outings with my dad as he had a week off!
  • I reorganized all of my makeup storage - posts to come soon!
  • Saw all my closest friends and hung out!
  • Saw my niece Andi for the first time in almost a year!
  • LOTS of shopping trips (oops)
  • Made new friends at work and online
  • Had my first blog vacation!
  • Realised this month was pretty chill!
  • TV I've watched: Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Agents of SHIELD, Chicago Fire, The Big Bang Theory - (AKA all the shows started again!)
  • Films I've watched: None!
  • What I've been reading: Shout, A song of ice and fire, We <3 Pop
Off for a haircut | Testing a Tanya Burr polish | Skyping my sister while she's at Uni

Sorting out the makeup | Buffet at work! | Sorting through all my clothes...

Pre-Primark haul filming | Selfie | COOKIES!

Hanging with Nicola | Playing with this cutie pie | Dinner, courtesy of Mum!

All my eye makeup products | Rainbow drop heaven | I discovered nail tattoos and I'm in love!

Well that is it for my month overall! This has definitely an interesting and fun month along with some awesome weather! Not sure what is happening in October, other than Comic Con and hopefully seeing my sister at Uni! Hope you enjoyed this catch-up post, and keep safe :)

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