Thursday, 23 May 2019

Tips For A Happy Home*

Where we live is the ultimate show of who were as. What we do in our homes has an effect on our feelings, how in control and productive we feel and can even determine our outlook on life. Reports have shown that by making small and simple adjustments to our routines at home, we can have a noticeable impact on our daily lives and make us feel happier overall. Here are a few tips to make sure you have a happy and fulfilling home.  

Make your bed

There is research to suggest that something as simple as making your bed in the morning can have a positive impact on how you start your day. By making a habit of straightening your bedding before you leave home it’s a way to subconsciously condition your brain to form good habits in other aspects of your life.

Keep Your Spaces Tidy

Mess, clutter and untidiness are known to cause stress. After all, no-one likes a messy home! An easy solution is to take a few minutes to quickly reset a room before you exit it, that way you will come back to space that you are excited to be in rather than dreading how messy it is inside. It is an easy way to boost your mood and also makes general housekeeping much easier.

Show Your Heart Around Your Home

Create fun and interesting gallery wall for your home. Looking at and remembering fond moments can help get us out of a funk when we're feeling down. Your brain releases happy hormones that boost your mood and can give you a pep in your step for the rest of the day. It will inspire you to create new memories and start planning new experiences and things to look forward to.

Cultivate Fun Experiences At Home

save some money by spending money. Buy some DVD’s for a family film night or buy a fun game that everyone can play like the Ms PacMan arcade game - something that will encourage you to have people over and entertain. You can even plan an impromptu get together for your family and neighbours, everyone can bring something along which keeps the costs down.

Make Boring Tasks Fun

A simple mindset can turn your day out for the better. Change your view on tedious tasks such as doing the dishes or hoovering by making them fun. Listening to your favourite podcast or blasting out your best-loved cheesy pop songs can be a way for you to enjoy household chores and even getting them done more quickly!

Call Your Friends and Family

Take the time to make a phone call to your family and friends. Being social can help with low moods and help you feel more connected to those around you. And it works both ways too! You can also help your friends and family's mood by giving them a quick call. Socializing and connecting with those you care about is a great way to make yourself feel better.

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Friday, 10 May 2019

Start Your Blogging Habit*

Got your business going but looking for that key element of your website that’s going to keep your customers coming back for more? We’re talking of course about creating a blog. But why would you want or even need to spend your time writing hundreds of words that you’re not sure anyone will even read?

Blogs Are Great For Business
Because of this headline: Blogs Are Great For Business. How? In this short article we’ll explain how and why you should get those fingers tapping away on your keyboard and get your blog page up and running.

SEO Friendly
The great thing about blogs is that you can use them in a variety of ways. They will provide you with a platform to demonstrate your knowledge, launch products and services and ask your reader to follow specific calls to action but it’s also quite possible to use the content and make it highly searchable by Google. This in turn will make your website and therefore your business easier to find in a search.

Create Your Blog
If you’ve used something like Templafy in the past to manage your documents and templates for your site, then refer back to past material to make sure your blog stays with the same consistent voice as the rest of your site. Create a catchy headline, preferably one that contains one of your keywords, and get started.

You need to strike that fine balance between readability and something that sounds entirely natural. Keep the majority of your sentences to between 20 and 25 words, though now and again a longer sentence is fine, for the sake of making the blog interesting. Sprinkle your searchable, or keywords, throughout the piece but don’t overdo. If it looks stuffed and unnatural, Google’s clever algorithms will penalise you for it.

Use subheadings and images and caption images with keywords that also make them searchable features alongside your writing.
In terms of length, you’re looking at a minimum of 500 words and usually anything up to about 1,500 is fine.

Remember to use lots of verbs and linking words that show logical progression between idea and action and you’re ready to go live.
Make sure you cast a careful eye over your blog for grammar and spelling mistakes and have a colleague or friend proofread it for you, before you hit the go button.

Image from Pexels

Stay Updated
Finally, you’ll want to remember to keep your blog updated regularly to stay relevant to Google and to show your customers that you are committed to your communication with them.

A great blog is one that combines all the elements your business needs including great readerability, an authoritative and consistent voice and search engine optimisation that blends in seamlessly with your content.

Start your blog writing habit today and help take your site from somewhere visitors might stop briefly on, to somewhere you can engage and speak to your visitors directly and regularly. This blog is going to take you places so start reading around and develop your style for writing that hits the right spot.

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Friday, 26 April 2019

How Not To Spend All Of Your Money Running A Car*

There is no getting away from it, owning and running a car can be expensive! Luckily there are some ways that you can keep the cost down as much as possible Something that means you will still have enough in the bank to go on day trips, weekends away, and even holidays as well. Read on to find out more.

Before you even begin

OK, so before you even get to the stage of running a car, you’ll need lessons, something that can be monstrously expensive. Of course, it's not like you can skip them because you will want to know you are as safe and capable on the road as possible.

Happily, you can bring the cost down driving lessons down by booking them in blocks, as many instructors offer a document if you purchase 5 or 10 at a time.

Additionally, if you can get insured on a family member's car and go out with them for some practice in between lessons you have a much better chance of passing faster, something that can cut the cost of your lessons down significantly.


Without adding fuel, our vehicles won't run that is why it is It's a shame that petrol cost so much! Luckily, it is possible to reduce how much you spend on fuel in a few different ways. The first tactics is to track what the petrol stations near you are charging and ensure that you always go to the cheapest one when it's time to fill up.

Additionally, learning to drive defensively can also help you conserve fuel, something that is not only great for your wallet but better for the environment as well.


Another essential that you need to have when running a vehicle is insurance. After all, you can't take or even park your car out of the road unless you have this.

The best move to save money here is to go to a company like Geico for an auto quote on insurance. The reason being that provider like these are well known to offer competitive cover at a decent price. Something that can actually save you a great deal of money and ensure they you are better covered in case anything does go wrong!

Buy or lease

One of the most significant costs that you will have to deal with when it comes to running a car is the actual purchase. After all, even the oldest models will usually set you back into the £1000s, with most brand new vehicle costing anything from £10,000+!

Of course, you can circumvent this issue by choosing to lease your car instead of buying it outright, something that will allow you to use a brand new vehicle for an affordable monthly fee.

The best thing about this is is that when you get sick of it, or a newer model comes out you can trade up easily as well without having to find a load of money for your next vehicle! Perfect for those that want to run a car, but don't want to break the bank!

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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Saving Money: Quick Tips To Save Quids*

Saving money is something we should all be doing, but not many of us are to our full capabilities. And, saving doesn’t even have to be about not spending anything, you can buy the things you want and still put money aside. No matter what your income. Pretty much there is no time of year that you don’t need to save money. Christmas, birthday’s, holidays… It’s pretty endless. All of the typical suggestions are:

  • Stop ordering takeaway
  • Use the car less
  • Cut back on branded food items
And, yeah, for sure they will all work. But there are other things you can look at too.

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

Ditch Weekday Drinks

If you are partial to a tipple during the week, it might be time to strip that back to a good old cup of tea. It’s better for your health, and you’ll get a better night’s sleep too. But instead of grabbing a bottle of wine on a Wednesday, or having a few in the local cocktail bar on a Thursday put the money in a pot. You might be surprised how much you have in the pot at the end of the month.

Buy Online
Although there isn’t anything like strolling through a shop and trying things on when it comes to great deals the internet has got your back - big time. Signing up to mailing lists, getting first-time discounts of up to 25%, scouting for codes to get free delivery and being able to compare prices in a range of stores (all while in your PJs is pretty great).

Swap Providers
It might be time for you to check up on your gas and electric providers - there are many new options with green energy and easy top-up options it is worth shopping around. You might find that you are going to save a lot if you spend some time looking around for broadband and phone deals too.

Auto Saving
Set up Plum or Cleo and have them automatically calculate and save what you can afford each week. Because it has been carefully worked out by these intelligent little robots, you won’t be left short as they only save what you can safely afford, They work via your facebook messenger and takes a couple of minutes to set up.

If you take a £10 to the shop and spend £9.50, take that extra 50p and put it in a jar somewhere. You can do this as many times as a day as you like. And you can apply it to your bank account too. Open a separate savings account, and every time you see your balance doesn’t end in a 0 move some cash. Like £603.47, you would move the 3.47 to your savings accounts.

It is essential to set yourself goals. Saving £5 or £50 in a month, setting small manageable goals is going to help immensely, the sense of gratification at meeting your goals will encourage you to save more too.

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Sunday, 31 March 2019

4 Ideas For Creative Hobbies To Pursue*

It seems like we’re all busier than ever before, yet, while we do indeed have many obligations, most of us have more time than we think. It’s just that we’re spending the time on things like social media, watching Netflix shows, and other passive activities. They can be fun, but only up to a point. One of the most underrated ways to spend your time is to get creative. It’s an inherently rewarding activity; it doesn’t matter if you don’t end up making money from it. The pleasure is in the creating. Below, we take a look at four creative pursuits anyone can try!


Writing it Down
You’ve got a laptop just sitting there. Why not disconnect the wifi and get to writing? It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, a screenplay, or anything else. Once you get going, you’ll find that there’s much joy to be had in getting into the flow of writing. It’s a way to flesh out thoughts, feelings, and ideas that you’ve had, and to present them in an interesting way. There are a million directions you can head in, too -- it’s a lifelong hobby.

On the Screen
Once upon a time, if you wanted to make a video, you’d have to do, well, too much work. A spark of curiosity wasn’t enough -- you had to be reasonably committed if you were going to invest. The rise of personal computers changed all that way. Now, anyone with a laptop can try their hand at creating videos, though it’s easiest if you have a Mac or other Apple computer. If the idea of visual expression sounds interesting to you, read more about how you can get started. Whether you make videos by yourself or as part of a group, you’ll find that it’s a creative pursuit that is a lot of fun.

With Your Hands
Computers and information technology have been great for some hobbies, but has blindsided some people into thinking that it’s the only source when it comes to creative hobbies. This is not the case! Over the past few years, there has been a rise in people starting more traditional hobbies, such as woodworking and textiles. Once you’ve got the basics of both, you’ll be able to create a whole range of products, which you can then sell.

The Joys of Living
There are some things in life that just make you happy to be alive. Dancing is one such thing. People tend to stiffen up when they hit the dancefloor, but they’re missing out on something that can be super fun! Not that you can blame them. It can be difficult to know what to do when a beat starts. So why not learn? You can understand -- and put into practice -- the basics of dancing pretty quickly. From there, it’s all about refining your style. You’ll love doing it, and you might just end up impressing some people when you’re next invited to a party and your favourite track starts up.

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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Picture Perfect | March

I've been trying to take more pictures this year, but I'm still failing at it! However, I've managed to get a few snaps in since the middle of January, so here is what I've been up to since then!

What have you enjoyed about this year so far? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

3 Reasons To Love The New Captain Marvel Movie*

If you thought all things Marvel had come to an end after the finger-snapping events of Avengers: Infinity War, one of our favourite movies of 2018,then think again. Sure, many of our heroes were sent into dust-scattered oblivion thanks to hissable baddie Thanos - boo! - but if you stuck around for the end credits sequence (probably because you were too stunned by the movie's end to leave your seat), then you would have seen Nick Fury send a call-out to Marvel's latest hero (and probable saviour of the Avengers) Captain Marvel!

And now here she is, kicking ass on our cinema screens (at the time of writing), and if you're a Marvel fan, you have probably seen the film already. It's had a slightly mixed reception from the critics, but it's still better than many of the so-called blockbuster movies filling up our cinemas.

Here are three good reasons as to why you might love the film.

#1: It's the MCU's first female superhero-led film

There are plenty of female superheroes in the Marvel Universe, some of whom we have seen on our screens - Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Black Widow - and some we are still desperate to see - She-Hulk, Spider-Woman - but none have led a movie until now. But what about Elektra, we hear you cry. Okay, well that is the exception, but the movie was awful, and despite being a Marvel character, it's not officially part of the MCU universe. And neither is Wonder Woman (she's from DC), in case you were going to bring up that recent example. Hoorah then for Captain Marvel, the first official leading lady in the MCU, and from what we see in the film, she is a match for any guy in a super suit!

#: 2: There is a wonderful tribute to Stan Lee

Stan Lee passed away in late 2018, and as the news was heard, a billion Marvel fans cried out in pain. You see, without this great man, there would have been no Captain Marvel, no Spiderman, and let's be honest, no MCU. He didn't found Marvel comics, but he did create some of the greatest superheroes that still exist in the public consciousness today. He has made a cameo in nearly every Marvel movie since 1989, and thankfully for us, makes a similar appearance in Captain Marvel. But before his appearance, there is a wonderful tribute in the opening credits sequence, where, instead of the usual montage of MCU heroes flashing up on our screens, there is a montage of Stan Lee in all his forms, both on and off screen. You will shed a tear! Excelsior!!

#3: The film is a nostalgia-fest

The film is a prequel to Infinity War  and is set predominantly in the '90s. The film is jam-packed with nostalgia from the time, alongside relics of the past. For those of you with a VHS recorder still in your attic, you will send out a wistful sigh when Captain Marvel crash lands into a Blockbuster store (remember them?),lined with movie video cassettes of the time. If you spend more time playing classic arcade games on your console than recent releases and have a virtual arcade pinball machine in your games room, then you will get a thrill at the perfect replicas of both a classic Space invaders arcade cabinet and pinball machine, fittingly located (bizarrely) in an alien spaceship. And then there are Troll dolls, Koosh balls, pagers, and with surprising significance in the movie, a Happy Days lunchbox, with the Fonz plastered all over it. See how many other relics from the past you can spot in the movie.

Not only but also…

There are more reasons to love the film, of course. There's some kick-ass action for a start, alongside some amazing special effects. You get to see Agent Coulson and Nick Fury at the start of their careers, and finally learn the truth about Fury's missing eye. Brie Larson is amazing (as always) in the lead, and she is joined by Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, and erm… a cat who isn't really a cat. And the film brings us hope, tying into the present day and the current events of the MCU. Captain Marvel will save the day, we promise!

In short, go and see the film. We think you will love it!

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Friday, 15 March 2019

How Can Kids Make Money With Online Games?*

As the world becomes more accustomed to the game playing society which is developing, more and more people are starting to realise the benefits which are associated with playing online games.

Image Link
There is a vast array of games available; from the free online games for boys and girls, which are available to the more elaborate and popular games, such as Call of Duty, which are suited to adults and contain extended storylines and levels. You also have different genres of games, for example, driving games and sports games. These games all contain their different benefits; from entertainment purposes to increasing one’s computer literacy.

Nevertheless, there are also some unexpected advantages associated with online gaming as well. And, one of these is the way in which kids’ games can help them in order to make money. There may be several games which allow your children to make money literally, however, this article is more related to the way in which games can turn your children into budding entrepreneurs.

Collecting coins
As mentioned, the wealth of games available on the Internet today is massive. A lot of these games incorporate something which is related to money, even if this relates to merely collecting coins when playing on each level. This is a great way to get your children accustomed to money from a young age. They will learn the value of money, what currency looks like and how to add it up effectively. This may sound like the basic stuff, and it is, but every young one has to start somewhere and thus games provide them with the perfect platform to get going.

Management games
Management games have really boomed in popularity over the past few years. Whether you are managing a football team or you are managing a restaurant, these games provide children with a great amount of fun. They will be able to embark on the creative side, such as decorate their own restaurant or fill their football team with their favourite players. Nevertheless, finance is something which is heavily incorporated. For instance, when managing their own restaurant they will have to make sure they meet their revenue targets and that they spend their money wisely on the right ingredients and enhancing the image of their restaurant. Moreover, when it comes to football games your child will have to ensure they stay within the transfer budget and the wage budget set to them by the chairman. Thus, these games allow children to learn all about profit and loss and the mechanics of owning your own business. It goes without saying that they are thus highly beneficial.

Economic and finance based games
The Internet is also the home to a wealth of educational games. These are great because they specifically teach businesses about maths, economics, finances and the accountancy. These are highly beneficial because you can ensure your child is learning whilst also having fun. Of course, these do not only help with entrepreneurship, but there is also a whole host of different subject topics available and thus educational based games are beneficial for many different reasons.

Using the Internet to help your children learn is something which is certainly recommended. There are lots of games which can get your children in the right mind frame so that they have a better chance of earning money in the future.
Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

March Playlist & I'm Sort Of Back!

Oh hey there! Bet you thought I'd done a runner and abandoned the blog? Well, not quite.

I always find that this time of year my S.A.D gets really shitty, and honestly all my blog mojo has been gone since Christmas came around. I'm so busy with work and trying to keep myself in check that my blog has, and will be taking a backseat for a little while.

I'll still be coming out with a new post now and then, but until the end of May when I'll be sharing my Florida holiday diaries with you again, I'm not likely to post a great deal. And even then I won't make any promises. I'm not going to have a schedule anymore, or be posting weekly. It will be on a 'when my mental health allows it' basis.

Work has been getting uber stressful of late, so all my free time is now trying to unwind with my Erin Condren planner, making a YouTube video, seeing friends, or just sprawled on the bed with a movie! So I'm sorry if I vanish from time to time, but I'm still about and okay! Promise.

Anway, on with todays blog post, which is an oldie but goldie - a playlist!

I've been listening to a lot of music over the past few months, so here is a little list of all the songs I m loving right now. If you fancy checking any of them out, then click any of the titles to get taken to a YouTube video!. Hope you like them.

Had another month of being obsessed with all of these songs!! Like any of the songs above? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday, 7 January 2019

What I'm Looking Forward To In 2019

There's a lot happening this year that I'm quite looking forward too, and I wanted to share them with you. 2018 was a pretty decent year in my opinionand I'm hoping that 2019 is just as amazing for me and all of you!

Marvel S.T.A.T.I.O.N at Excel London
I'm going to this at the Excel, with my Dad! We're going in a couple of weeks, and I cannot wait. I'm not 100% sure what it is exactly, but we had a sneak peek of it in October during Comic Con. It looks amazing, and cannot wait to go!

My 27th birthday
This is in September! I don't know why I'm so excited about this one, as I didn't care much for turning 26 years old - but I'm excited!

We decided to go back to Florida, in February last year, and it was all booked in September. We still have a few bits left to do, before we go in the summer, so I'm getting closed to just wishing the year away so we can be back there!

My blog's 6th birthday
October 3rd is my blog's birthday - and a milestone I never thought I was reach. I didn't think I'd make it to a year, let alone the last 5! Not sure how to celebrate this one, but time will tell.

Avengers 4 coming out & Other movies!
I have a huge list of other films I want to see, as well as the new Avengers movie - such as Captain Marvel, Shazam, Toy Story 4, X-Men Dark Phoenix, and many more. It's going to be a good year for films!

Comic Con October 
Not 100% sure if I'm actually going to be going this year, as the prices have got a little too high. The tickets to the even, train tickets, and spending money is making it a very, VERY expensive 2/3 days. It usually comes to about £700 for the weekend after all shopping and food has been added! Hoping to go, but shall see.

What are you looking forward to this year? Let me know if you're excited for any of the films I listed, as I'm sure there are some of you out there! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Friday, 4 January 2019

Picture Perfect | January

This is all from the start of November to New Year's Day - and you'll be shocked to see that I've barely taken any pictures once again! I am trying to be better with this for 2019, but will see how it goes. Hope January is treating you all well so far.

Not been a super busy month - other than working and Christmas happening! However, I am off to Marvel STATION this month, so will show those pictures next time! What have you enjoyed about December and 2018 in general? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year & 2019 Goals!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a fab day or evening celebrating yesterday! I had my family round for the day, as per tradition, so we played a lot of games! As it's now 2019, I've got a few new goals for the year. This year, I'm determined to work harder at them. Here they are.
  1. Finish writing at least one of my books!
  2. Lose 1-2 stone in weight
  3. Start doing the 52 Week Savings Challenge
  4. Buy no makeup unless 100% needed
  5. See a minimum of 5 films at the cinema
  6. Visit somewhere new
  7. Read two books
  8. Do something off my 30 before 30 List
  9. Start filming, and taking pictures more often
  10. Do a complete clear out of my bedroom, and items
Happy new year, hope it;s good for you! What are your goals for this year? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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