Monday 24 June 2019

Things To Consider When Trying To Be Debt Free*

When people hear the term “bankruptcy” it scares and stresses out people.  What will my life look like if I must file for bankruptcy and will I ever be able to recover from it? However, in addition to simply saving money, there are other solutions that you could try before having to finalize on bankruptcy.

One measure that many are considering these days is to consider a debt consolidation loan.  It can be very overwhelming to see bill after bill arrive in your mailbox. You see that it is all adding up to more than you make each month and panic sets in.  If you decide to consider a debt consolidation, you will have the opportunity to roll all those bills into one payment a month.

Some companies will even negotiate with your creditors to reduce the debt that you owe, thus getting you out of debt quicker and with extra money in your pocket.  One of the downsides, however, is that your credit score will take a hit and will take some time to build back up. But, in the here and now, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief that you have some control over your finances back in order.

If you are considering debt consolidation, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of participating in this type of program.

Keep Your Possessions
One of the biggest fears that people have when they are running into financial debt is that they are going to lose their home or have their car repossessed.  This is an added stress that is not healthy for anyone. 

With a debt consolidated loan, it will free up some money each month for you.  This can allow you the flexibility to make sure that home and car payments are made each month.  You will also be cut off from any credit cards that you roll into your consolidated loan, thus preventing you from continuing to needlessly spend.

Those Dreaded Credit Card Interest Rates
While paying your minimum payment each month may seem reasonable, the amount of interest that you are being charged on your remaining debt in many cases exceeds what the minimum amount due each month is.  This, now, leaves you in a situation where you are still losing money each month, making it nearly impossible to pay it off

The average balance on credit cards today exceeds $8,000.  And, imagine having that on more than one card. Now, consider that most credit cards between 20-25% on a single credit card.  Paying the minimum on cards of that price point will really make it impossible to pay off. 

Having a consolidated debt loan, all the cards would be rolled into that one account with a significantly lower interest rate, thus allowing you pay it off in a few years as opposed to 20 plus years.

Student Loans
Another major life struggle that people have is the payment of student loans.  Another issue is that many people want to go back to school and can’t afford the cost of tuition.  Having a consolidated loan allows people the luxury of doing this. The cost for the student tuition could be rolled into a consolidated loan or a student consolidated loan.  

This once again gives you the opportunity to afford this opportunity and not pay astronomical payments each month.  It will be controlled and give you the peace of mind knowing that you can attend school, work, and live comfortably.

Personal Counseling
Many debt consolidated programs offer counseling to help you figure out a financial plan that works best for you.  They can help to review all of your bills and look at how much income is coming in each month. The counselors can help to set you up with a budget that you could follow to get the debt paid off as soon as possible.

Many of the counselors also have relationships with people’s debtors, so they are able to discuss ways to negotiate a price that can be fair to both parties.  Their ability to structure a deal can help you get out this hole in months, as opposed to years.

Thinking of the Future
By having late payments, missed payments, potential bankruptcy, or lawsuits against you, your ability to purchase items such as homes or cars in the future will get denied.  They will be able to check every source of credit that you have and what your payment schedule looked like. If they notice a consistent pattern of poor credit decisions, you will have no chance at any larger purchases until you have proven you can keep everything in control.  

This can be a very long and drawn out process that you may not have the time or financial means to sustain it.  With having a debt consolidation program, you will be expected to make certain payments each month and, as long as you are keeping up with those payments, creditors will be able to see that you have gained some control on your finances.

You will still take a credit hit and may still need to take time to wait it out a bit, but that time will very much be diminished than taking the alternative route.  Take time to sort out your bills, see what you owe each month, how much you take in, and then look for a debt consolidated program like secured debt consolidation from Evolution money.  They have counselors available to discuss any and questions you may have.

Regardless of what avenue you take, there are solutions out there to help you.  You will need to alter your lifestyle a bit and avoid these common getting out of debt mistakes.  With a lot of patience and determination, you can soon be debt free.

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