Thursday 6 June 2019

Good Bet For a Top Night Out*

Pub crawls are overrated, weekends abroad too expensive and a quiet night in, just plain unacceptable. If you’re looking for somewhere different to go on your girls’ night out or hen do, then it’s time to hit the blackjack table, Las Vegas style, without needing your passport.

It’s not just about the gambling, it’s about the atmosphere, the chance to dress up and just do something different.
Chances are you’ll have a casino in the city you live in, or be able to find one a short distance away. If you’ve never hit the tables before, we bring you a beginner’s guide to casinos.

Set Your Expectations
While it might be a great dream to break the house and walk away with a life-changing sum of money, it’s not going to happy. Casinos work because they make the house a lot of money and the odds are never on your side. Sure, there’s always a bit of luck but that’s really about it. Don’t expect to win, don’t set your expectations too high and don’t take it too seriously.

The very first thing you should do is set your limit. Only gamble what you can afford to use, so leave the credit card at home and work in cash. When you’re out, you’re out, no hard feelings. If you do find yourself up at any point, that’s the time to walk away from the table and head over to the buffet. It’s romantic to put it all on that final spin of the roulette wheel, but you’ll almost certainly blow the lot.

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Different Games
If you’ve gambled online before on sites such as 888 live casino, you’ll have some idea how the different games work. You’ve got your fairly straightforward slot machines to the card tables and then the famous roulette. Have a look around the room and get an idea of how each game works before you pick a table to join.

In general, games that involve a little skill, for example Blackjack, will have you lose money more slowly and may even allow you a little back. If you’ve had a little practice, pick one of these to start with and see how you get on. If you’re looking to play for fun then the slot machines and games like keno are more up your street, low stake and low payout with little skill involved. They’re just there for fun.

All blogs about gambling come with some kind of warning and this is no different. It’s worth repeating that you’re going to lose money so don’t gamble more than you’re prepared to lose and leave your credit card at home.
For a night out though, the glamour, the cocktails and the buzz of winning against the house makes for a great night and something different from the local pub. Get dressed up, hope luck is on your side and see if you can make a killing. Whether you’re planning a hen party or just feel like treating your friends, hit the tables with swagger and style.

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