Sunday 21 November 2021

Ways I've Saved Money This Month

This month I have really been trying to save some money, or at least stop myself spending as much. I've been so bad in the past few months with my silly spending, that I finally had to have a little chat with myself about it and figure out a way to save some cash. There are definitely more ways that I could cut back and stop doing certain things, but these are the ones that have slightly helped me a little in the past few weeks!

Deleting Phone Apps

I hold my hands up to this and will admit that I have spent far too much on phone games and other apps since January, and it wasn't until the end of October that I realised just how much each month. It wasn't anything expensive, but the small totals of 79p and £2.99 here and there was adding up. As much as I enjoyed these games to pass the time, I chose to delete them all. I've kept a couple that I know I hardly spend anything on, or don't use as frequently, but the ones I was purchasing from almost daily had to go. And so they did. 

Less Takeaways

I'm still struggling with this a little, but I'm trying my best to cut back on the spending on fast food, and actually eating what I have indoors already. I need to get back into food planning again! I try to limit myself to one a week at the moment, but this doesn't always go to plan... So hopefully this month I can try and get this down.

Selling Items

Buy selling my items via Depop and Facebook Marketplace, I had a room clear-out to see what I could get rid of. By doing this, I found a bunch of items and goodies that I forgot I had, and would have more than likely re-bought them or something similar. I've now been using these items a lot more and not randomly buying things I genuinely don't need right now.

Cancelling Subscriptions

A simple one for saving money! If it's a subscription that I no longer use or need, or maybe even used for a while, I've cancelled it. My Cricut monthly fee wasn't high, but I wasn't really using it at all to get the benefits. Cancelled it before this months payment.

What ways have you been trying to save money in the past month? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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