Tuesday 2 November 2021

4 Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog*

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Although blogging seems a bit saturated these days, you can still become really successful at it. While blogging can be both emotionally and financially rewarding, the reality is that it takes time to get to that level.

If you’re currently starting out with your blog and are looking for ways to grow your audience, the tips you’ll read in this post can help. Done correctly, they can easily transform your blog into a moneymaking machine that continues to generate income for you for a long time.

Do Round-up Posts

Look for the industry leaders in your niche and ask them important questions about specific issues. A good example is this roundup post on handling media crises.  Then, collate those answers and post them on your blog with links back to those high authority blogs.

Once that’s done, inform the people you interviewed that your post is live and they can tell their audience. If you did a great job during the initial contact, most people would be happy to do that.

Once they inform their audience about the post –usually with a link back to your website, you can be sure that some of that traffic will flow to your website. Do this at least once a month, particularly for hot button industry issues.

Publish Frequently

Most people often assume that successful bloggers are so lucky. That’s not true. Every successful blog is usually the product of so many sleepless nights, as well as, years of sweat and blood.

So, if you want to become a successful blogger someday, the single biggest thing you can do is stick with it and be consistent. Endeavour to post every day or as many times a day as possible –like this site: https://sportnews.in/Cricket. Your consistency will eventually pay off.

Remember to have realistic expectations. Is it possible for your blog to become really popular in one year? Not really –although there are a few outliers who have done it. But can it be successful in 3-5 years? Absolutely. As long as you keep plugging away and writing great content, it will build up such momentum that it’ll become impossible to fail.

Promote Your Posts

Many bloggers don’t talk about this a lot. But it works. Pay for ads to promote your blog if you can. It doesn’t have to be the whole site. It can be just one landing page or an in-depth actionable article. You can advertise on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These three platforms are great for driving blog traffic.

Stay on Top of Industry News and Happenings

Every month, there’s at least, one hot issue in every industry. Set up Google alerts and monitor growing trends in the industry –you can use Google Trends for this. When you spot one, create content around that issue, and ride the trend until it tapers off.

This is a super-effective way to grow your blog. If you do this once a month, your blog is likely to explode in popularity because of these kinds of posts

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