Thursday 7 December 2023

Great Gifts for the Traveller in Your Life*

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If you are looking for the perfect gift to wow that one person in your circle who is always off on the next adventure, then you might be racking your brains to think of the one thing that they will truly appreciate as someone who is cultured and experienced, and who has been there and seen it all. Well, it’s obvious really; start with their love of travel and check out the ideas below.

1. A St Christopher Pendant to Keep Them Safe

This is a really good one that you might not have thought about: Saint Christopher pendants – the quintessential traveller's charm. It’s like saying, “I care about you” without getting overly sappy about it all because, if you did not know, Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers who looks over them to keep them safe. Plus, it's also a pretty stylish accessory that can serve as a reminder of home, no matter how far they roam. Aaaah!

2. Scratch-Off World Map for the Bragger in Your Midst

For the traveller in your life who just loves to brag, then this provides them with the perfect opportunity to show off.  Scratch-off maps are a great visual representation of their globetrotting, and an excellent conversation starter for when they inevitably run out of travel stories (as if that ever happens), to boot.

3. Portable Charger to Kee Them Powered On the Go

Let’s face it, in this digital age, being without a phone is like being stranded on a desert island for so many of us. It’s fair to say, then, that a portable charger is a godsend for the traveller in your life. It’s compact, practical, and means they’ll never miss an opportunity to post that perfect Insta shot when they’re walking the Great Wal of China or relaxing on Bondi Beach.

4. A Travel Journal For the Old-School Romantics

There's something charmingly old-school about a travel journal. For the traveller who loves jotting down their adventures, this is a really thoughtful gift, giving them a blank canvas to document their journey, doodles and all, and create a record they can look back on as they get older.

5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones For Peace at 30,000 Feet

A pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be a traveller's best friend, especially during those long-haul flights where the only other option is listening to a symphony of engine hums and crying babies. So, they are sure to go down well by pretty much any travel bug who unwraps them.

6. Packing Cubes For the Organised (and Not So Organised) Traveller

Packing cubes are basically like giving the gift of organization. They can turn a chaotic suitcase into a neat, compartmentalized haven. It’s the perfect present for both the obsessively tidy traveller and the one who can't find their socks.

7. A Good Quality Travel Pillow: Because Comfort is Key

Travel pillows have come a long way from the inflatable U-shaped monstrosities of yesteryear. A high-quality travel pillow can make the difference between arriving like a zombie or stepping off the plane fresh as a daisy.

8. A Multi-Tool For the MacGyver in Them

For the traveller who likes to be prepared for anything, a multi-tool is a fantastic gift. It’s compact, practical, and you never know when a good corkscrew, scissors, or screwdriver might come in handy.

If they love to travel, they will love these gifts just as much, and you will be the star of the Christmas, birthday, or whatever-other-special-occassion-it-happens-to-be, show.

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