Thursday 29 February 2024

Any Staff Member Can Make Positive Waves At Work - Here's How*

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It can be quite intimidating to start a new job, even if you’re somewhat experienced in the field. This is because every new company has its own culture and methodology of achieving tasks, and feeling unsure of how to engage with that can take some getting used to. Within no time at all you’ll be flying forward of course, and after the first month, it can sometimes feel like we’ve been there a year.

It’s also important to never discount your value within the workplace and the positive impact you can have. In fact, we’d be so bold as to say any staff member can make positive waves at work, not only on the cultural level but in terms of how you allow the firm to learn about itself.

With that in mind, you could consider some of the following advice:

Engage With & Review Processes

One of the best ways to make positive waves at work is to engage with and review the processes that you and your team follow. Coming in with fresh eyes, you’re a valuable new part of the company who can see where the rot has set in and you might be able to suggest adjustments. 

Of course, you shouldn’t dive in and change everything or dismiss every task you’re asked to do, but finding the operational parameters and asking questions where logic has taken a back seat to convenience can be helpful. This also marks you as a vibrant voice in the team worth listening to. Don’t be afraid to ask one million questions to get there, your training period is when this is most expected.

Highlight Areas Of Onboarding Improvement

Don’t forget that onboarding matters, and you’re getting a front-row seat to however this company likes to process it. You can provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the onboarding process and experience for future hires, especially if some genuinely notable issues aren’t being addressed.

That might lead a company to adjust its onboarding training package or shift the rota of the first few weeks in favor of a new hire. You don’t know how much future frustration you’ll save new hires thanks to your efforts, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

Don’t Accept The Status Quo If It’s Unhelpful

Sometimes, positive waves at work have to cancel out negative waves. This means that you challenge and question the existing norms and practices that may be outdated, inefficient, or ineffective. You could also propose and advocate for changes and innovations that may benefit the organization, the team, and the work.

Maybe you’ve just noticed discriminatory language or haven’t been given adequate safety training. You can bet any capable management team would be very interested in this, but nothing will change if you don’t report it.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to make those positive waves in your new job.

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