Monday 24 February 2014

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Hello everyone!

Even though I will probably make a video at some point on what I got up to on Tuesday, I feel my blog explains things better! Due to it being half term right now in the UK, my sister has a week off college so my Dad booked the week as holiday off work so we could all do things. The storm here has hindered that a little, but we still went out on Tuesday for some fun!

Warning: This is probably going to be a long post, full of pictures and random ramblings!

First we went bowling.

The Hollywood Bowl center and some balls!
Public selfies! I love the one of all three of us :)
My two bowling buddies! For some reason, my sister is extra tanned and Dad looks like Caspar attacked him! 
Casual action shots of us all having our turns!
Game scores

Next we had a wander around the local market, which sucked basically. It used to be so good when I was a kid, but sadly it is really just a lot of junk and food on offer now. From there we headed to Homebase for a shower hose thingy and then had a wander around Smyths toy store!

The Market | My sister, the public bather | Avenging in Smyths!
Last stop for the day was to go and get some late lunch and early dinner. Choosing Notcutt's Fayre & Square pub, we headed there and managed to get a seat during rush hour!

Mine: Sausages, Mash, Peas & Yorkshires | Sister's: Cheese & Onion Baguette | Dad's: Steak & Ale Pie, Mash & Peas
Mine: Strawberry Shortcake Sundae | Sister's : Profiteroles| Dad's: Millions Shortcake Sundae

Well that was Tuesday in a nutshell! I've not done a blog post this long for a very long time, so I hope you made it to the end and didn't get too bored. It was nice spending the day with my dad and sister, and we had a lot of fun! If I feel like it, I'll make a video from all the clips I filmed that day too :)

Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)

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