Thursday 20 February 2014

My Valentines Day | My Life

Hello everyone!

Well my valentines day was just another day to me, but I did get to see my wonderful friend Billy - aka my Fusband! I had a pretty boring day up until then, yet I had the crazy idea to vlog my day. You can check out the video below to see what I got up! If you like it, please like and subscribe to my channel :)

And he got me a valentines card, which was the best thing I had seen all day! Perfect for us two Harry Potter fans!

The following day I exchanged gifts with Nic and Lisa who had bought me little gifts too. I got Lisa's soaked during a hail storm on the way to work, but thankfully they weren't damaged.

Nic gave me this card signed by her and her 3 year old daughter Andi who I call my niece (long story behind this one), and this amazing little beauty set! I've seen some of these on blogs over the past few months, so very excited to try this out.

Lisa bought me this hilarious card! She said she got a lot of weird looks as she bought it for me, and I sat in the canteen at work laughing my head off when I read it! She wanted to keep clear of chocolates for me, due to the nut allergy, so got me this little love heart pillow! I'm either going to have this in my car or somewhere in my room :)

Did you get any nice Valentines gifts? Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. My friend scattered love heart chocolates on my bed, soo cute xx


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