Monday 17 February 2014

Wishlist #4

Hello everyone!

Here is my latest wishlist of all the things I would love to get my hands on at the moment! All of these are from Fragrance Direct. I've got to really keep myself from buying them, as payday is quite a while away, so fingers crossed that I behave.

1 - Playboy VIP For Her | £5.99
2 -  Heathcote & Ivory Vintage Rose Bath Melts | £5.99
3 - Foster Grant SFGE 11126 Sunglasses | £3.50
4 - Tresemme Salon Professional Salon Rollers | £25.95
5 - So...? Kiss Me Gift Set | £3.99

Like any of these, or have them yourself? Hope you're having a good day and keep safe :)

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