Saturday 15 February 2014

Wax On, Wax Off | Beauty

Hello everyone!

I, like many other women worldwide are a fan of waxing. Normally I would get it done at a salon or by one of my beautician friends. Sadly, this is a little too expensive for me right now, so I've taken to the home waxing method as of late. I've been doing my eyebrows for months with utmost confidence. Yet when it comes to my legs (or other areas) I can't seem to bring myself to inflict the pain upon myself.

But today was a different matter. TMI ALERT: I waxed my inner thighs by myself for the first time and ouch. Lesson of the day: Tear the strip the opposite direct to the hair. Don't do a Tania and wax it the wrong direction, because let me tell you, IT HURTS. And also doesn't do the job properly. I learnt my lesson pretty quickly and managed to do what I wanted within 10 minutes along with other smaller sections of my legs.

I'm curious to what you all do for hair removal, and if you home wax, what products do you use? I'm a little to cheap to buy the 'good' brand products, so I've taken to using Morrisons own.

The ones on the top are for your legs and any other larger body surface you wish to rip the hair from. On the bottom are ones for the face, so your eyebrows and also the bikini line.

This is all they are. You warm them between your hands to make the wax sticky and so it actually works. Or you can warm them up by laying the on your laptop until you need them like I do! 

What do you use? I'd like to see what other brands or methods I can try that might be a little less painful! Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)

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