Friday 28 February 2014

Fragrance Direct Haul | Beauty

Hello everyone!

As you already know, I am a very, very big lover of Fragrance Direct. Good brands and really good prices. If you've not yet taken a look at their site, you are missing out on some bargains! I couldn't resit the urge to look again the other day, and I purchased four things while on there. Four things for me is a pretty small shop for me off the site!

Dad greeted the postman and I was given this big package and then realized what it was! Inside were my goodies and thankfully the polishes hadn't broken, which I always worry about.

First is my ever faithful and all time fave perfume! My old bottle ran out the day before I got this one, so very happy with how fast it got to me! This is Playboy's Play It Rock, which I have been using for about three or four years. I love the smell and the bottle shape, so I use this every day. This cost £5.99. 

I was also on the hunt for some black polishes for some nail art designs I have in mind, but my black sadly dried up a while ago. I couldn't quite tell what these two would look like when I chose them, but thankfully one was black, and the other is a chocolate/black colour - which I also don't own, so happy with this! On the right is Cutex Quick N Go in 700 Night Run. On the left is Maybelline MNY in #466. These were both 75p each.

Lastly is the main purchase which I included in a recent wishlist. I've seen this brand and some others in some 'get ready with me' videos and on some beauty blogs, so decided to find some of my own. These were the only ones on Fragrance Direct, so I decided to get them. These are the Tresemm√© Volume Rollers, for £25.95. There are ten rollers and ten metal clips to secure them once you have rolled them up. The little carry case is perfect for travelling or just for home use. The carry case is plugged in and then switched on, so that after 10 minutes the rollers are heated and you then use them how you wish. I gave them a brief try and they did curl a little, but I hadn't used any styling spray like suggested, so will be trying this again soon!

Have you purchases anything off the site recently? If yes, let me know if you done a post on it too :) I love the site, so go check it out! Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)

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