Saturday 13 September 2014

Cornwall Holiday Diary, Day Eight

Hello everyone!

Day Eight: Today was our 'stay at camp' day. As Saturday is change over day and the Cornish roads get really busy with traffic, we always stay at the campsite and the beach for the day. Grandad didn't share this idea so he went to Padstow on the bus for the day, while the three of us went for a cliff walk, mini golf and dinner! It was really nice to just have a walk around and explore for the day and not have to travel anywhere!

You can watch the vlog for this day HERE.

The scenery and weather was so damn pretty today!

Our beach view from the cliff top | Lunch for the day!

Golfing around down at Berryfields
We had dinner at the Tradea Inn which is at the end of the road where our campsite is. This is the view of our beach from the restaurant! Me and dad had this yummy homemade burger and chips!

It was another really good day and I got a nice tan from it! It was also nice to just wander around and get a lot of pictures of the area again, as I missed going last year and so many of the cliff tops have changed as some have crumbled away into the sea now. That dinner was so delicious and I would definitely have that again when we go next year!

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