Friday 27 November 2015

Monthly Favourites #8 - November

It's time for another monthly faves! I'm still going with my method of keeping away from beauty things and do the little categories I've chosen below!!

I bought this the second it came out and pre-ordered their new album not much longer after! I love this song and the simplicity of the video - plus black and white is uber classy. Got to love these guys and their music as much as I tried not to all those years ago...

My favourite picture from this month has to be this one I took while on a little walk back at the start of the month. The colours of Autumn have been everywhere recently and I've been obsessing over them on my Instagram. I just thought this was a nice picture, regardless of how cliché it is!!

TV Show
I have loved this show since 2005 when it first started, and I've been watching it ever since the 3rd episode aired! Now onto season 11, we're following the boys post-'Deanmon' and with the Darkness having fallen. I just love this so much!! Adding to that, Crowley and Castiel are making me laugh so much this season!

Having finally gone to the cinema for the first time in like 2 months, we chose to see the new Bond movie, Spectre. As a rating, I said 7/10 as I really loved Skyfall, and found this was a bit lackluster compared to it. It could have been 30 minutes shorter and less of the blonde woman in my opinion, but it's still worth a watch as I loved the action scenes!

Random Section
So for the random section, I've gone with this image of my General I use in my 'Warhammer' games with Cameron. He's recently introduced me to this game which is quite strategic and war themed, and I love it. So far I am undefeated with my Stormcast Eternals team and I love playing this so much. Definitely something for those who are quite geeky!

Hope you enjoyed these faves for November! What have you loved this month from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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  1. I found spectre a good watch but like you I would have liked it to be slightly shorter too!! Great list :)

    1. It was one of those good films that was spoiled by the length!! Thanks for checking the blog out :) xx

  2. Song : Backstreet Boys esp being played on Dancing with the Stars!!
    Show: Empire on Fox!!
    Picture: My son and his Snowmen painting
    Movie: HogFather (oldie but goodie SciFi)
    Random: My plate at the Thanksgiving Table!! Yum!


    1. Sounds like a good set of faves Ursula! :) I love the Backstreet Boys too!! xx


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