Wednesday 11 November 2015

Last Year I Was... Tag

I love a tag post and today is no exception! This is the 'Last Year I Was...' tag, where you compare last year and this year! I actually done this last May, so I thought I'd do an updated version!

Yes that's right... I managed to find a picture of myself exactly a year a part and wow. 

What was the best thing to happen to you last year? What was the best thing that has happened to you this year?
Last year the best thing that happened to me was cutting off some of my old friends. There was a small group of people that I just no longer felt 'right' with and things were getting to tense at times for me to want to stay around them. 
The best thing this year has to be getting back into blogging. I'd lost all my mojo for it last year, so this year has been awesome!

What was your fashion sense like last year? What is it like this year?
Last year and this year is still pretty much the same, albeit a few changes. I'm wearing a lot more colours and nerdy tops this year - plus I've finally found some heels I can walk and drive in!! I've become more interested with how to piece outfits together this year. Last year was more blacks and skinny jeans all the time, with the same pair of black flats for like 300 days! 

What was your makeup like last year? What is it like this year?
Last year I had finally found my feet in the world of beauty products and what they were for. I had learned how to do eyeliner and smoky eyes last year! This year I've got more into a variety of eye shadows and lip stains - PLUS I've finally figured out the world of eyebrow filling!! I can only hope that next year I can figure out contouring... 

What was your hair style like last year? What is it like this year?
Nothing has really changed with my hair! It's grown nearly four inches in the past year, it would be much longer but my hairdresser insists on cutting it regularly! I also had it highlighted over the summer so it's way blonder this year and it looks a lot healthier. 

 What were your ambitions like late year? What are they this year?
Last year I was aiming for like 300 followers on all my social media accounts at the time, and that happened! I had also thought about getting a new job - that never happened.
This year I've moved onto higher social media goals, I sort of have a new job - aka same building/company, just a different department! I also know I'd love to write for a living and that's why I've gone back to editing my old book I wrote a while ago!

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you've done this tag or want to do it, I tag you! Let me know with a comment below if you've done one so I can check it out. Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Love this tag! Deffo considering doing this (especially with the new year coming up!). Glad to see you cut off the friends that weren't right for you. It's hard to do but in the end it's worth it! x

    Christina Marie -

    1. It's definitely something you should do! It's quite nice to think about the changes you may have made :) Cutting off the friends was a very good idea :) xx

  2. Great post! I don't think I've 100% mastered the smokey eye yet let alone contouring - although I always give it my best shot!

    Also listen to your hairdresser! Letting my hair grow and grow with only a yearly haircut ruined my hair - best to stick to a regular trim.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I'm sure I'll never learn contouring at all, but I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually!! I've been having hair cuts about 5 times a year, so hopefully that will help :) xx


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