Tuesday 24 November 2015

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Strips | Review

Who else thinks of pore strips and immediately thinks of Princess Diaries? Probably just me! I saw these while I was shopping the other day in Boots and I've always wanted to try them. Not sure why. I'm trying to think of new skin care ideas, and this just wanted to be in my basket! I picked some up and they come it at £4.99 in Boots and the pain of taking them off is almost worth it. You get six in a box, all individually wrapped with instructions on the back.

I put one one while having a mega blogging marathon the other night and this is what happened!

I followed the instructions of the back of the packets. I cleaned my face off from all makeup and 'dirt' before wetting my nose. I took it from the packet and placed it smooth side down onto the skin and pressed it down firmly. I had to leave it to dry for 15 minutes, so I carried on typing away while I waited. You can't really smell the tea tree oils at all, which I guess is a bonus if you don't like that scent! Once it began to feel stiff, or the time was up, it was time to take off.

I was still smiling here, 5 minutes in!
Not wanting to do a Princess Mia and tear it off my face, I went for the 'gentle' approach as indicated on the wrapper. This proved to be some entertainment for my Dad who so kindly offered to 'yank it off my nose' for me. I managed to peel it off okay, albeit it feeling like it stuck down with cement! I then carefully washed the area with water and pat-dried it with a towel.

My nose felt quite soft and clean afterwards - almost like when you take of a face mask. There was no irritation or pain, which I'm thankful for! I'll definitely use the other five strips from the packet and see if regular use proves any other results!

have you tried this brand of pore strips or any other kind? What happened? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I love that these remind you of Princess Diaries! Me too!


  2. They definitely stick then... haha! They sound quite good, would be interested to see if after using them all, if you see/feel any difference! I think I might be tempted to get them! xx

    1. SO STICKY!!! I think there is a difference in 'feel', but I'd have to try them a few more times to see if there is any visible difference :) xx


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