Monday 9 July 2018

Orlando Holiday Diary: Day 16 - Kennedy Space Center!

Our last full day was for Kennedy Space Center! We had originally hoped to go in the middle of the holiday, but due to Hurricane Irma, we had to wait until it was safe to go.

We left not long before 8am, as it is over an hour away from the villa to get there. We saw the sun come up, and a few hot air balloons on the way.

We parked up and headed to the entrance, and spotted an Astronaut picture opportunity, so we sent Dad forth to have his picture taken! He was so happy!

We then watched the fountain do the countdown for take off, before we headed through bag check and into the complex.

We had a quick look around the Rocket Garden, before going into the Heroes and Legends hall of fame. In here, there was a small tour, mini show, and a lot of exhibits. Below are some personal items of former Astronauts. These items are what inspired their career choice.  We also saw the Mercery mission control station, which was from 1962.

This flag has actually been in space!

The hall of fame was really interesting and moving. It had a picture of all the Astronauts that had been to space from Kennedy. There were even two pictures at the end, of two people who were currently in space.

From here, we had a look around the Rocket Garden properly, before we ventured over to the Atlantis exhibition.

This was a really awesome exhibition. You got to see the original shuttle, and even could sit in a mock cockpit, like my dad did in the above picture.

There were a few interactive parts inside, as well as getting to see a lot of what goes into each spacecraft.

There was also a memory hall for those who died in the Columbia and Challenger accidents. I didn't know much about it, so my Dad filled me in on it, as well as some info about it outside the memory hall. It was a really sad part of the exhibition, as it showed each member of the team who had passed, along with some of their own personal items - and also two parts of the shuttles that were recovered from the wreckages.

After the Atlantis tour, we quickly had some lunch in the cafe on site, before going on the tour of the shuttle launches and around the base. From here, they take you to the Apollo exhibition, where they have one of the rockets that they used for one of the missions. It is a loooong hall, as the rocket is HUGE, and it takes a while to walk from one end, to the other.

We picked up some goodies in the shops before going to check out some of the little capsules in the rocket garden, where you can sit in them for photo opportunities. We then left after about 7 hours at the Center, and headed back to the villa to start packing.


Have you been to Kennedy, if so, what did you like about it? I really enjoyed the tours and the exhibitions - plus it's my dad's fave place in Florida! Would you ever like to visit here? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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