Friday 13 July 2018

2018 Goals Check In

It's been six whole months of 2018 - honestly, where has it gone? I've had a rocky one thus far, but hoping the last six months are going to be better! As it's the middle of the year, I thought it was due time, to check over my goals for the year, and see how I've got on. The original post was the first post of the year, so it's overdue.

I can already say that I know I've done crap, but pushing forwards...

Personal Goals
  1. Finish writing my book!
    • Haven't even picked it up to carry it on
  2. Lose 2 stone in weight
    • Lost 8lbs
  3. Keep doing the 52 Week Savings Challenge
    • Gave up with this about 6 weeks in. Lost motivation!
  4. See 6 films at the cinema
    • 4/6 - Not bad so far! I've seen The Greatest Showman, Black Panther, Deadpool 2, and Avengers: Infinity War
  5. Visit somewhere new
    • If a friend's new house counts, then yes!
  6. Read two books
    • Nope...
  7. Do something off my 30 before 30 List
    • Not great at all so far, BUT, #20 is a marvel marathon, which I am currently a few films into
  8. Start filming, and taking pictures more often
    • Really sucked here. I've had some really bad mental health months, so filming and picture taking has basically halted
  9. Stop complaining so much
    • Maybe 10% better here...
  10. Do two more fizzy drink bans for 30 days
    • I did a 32 day streak in April, so just one more to go!
Blog Goals
  1. 1200 Bloglovin followers - ❌ 1102 right now
  2. 6500 Twitter followers - ❌ I had a huge clear out of who I was following, and that lost me 700 followers over 4 months. Down at 5388. 
  3. 1100 Instagram followers - ❌ This is so laughable. I'm at 816, and counting down. I've lost about 300 followers since December.
  4. 550 YouTube subscribers - ❌ 486. This has risen a little since January, but not a lot.
  5. 400 Facebook page likes -❌ 335 at the moment!
  6. 350,000 total blog page views - ❌ I'm just under 3000 views off from this!
  7. Post 3 times each week - I did this January through March, and then took a break. 
  8. Allow myself 2 weeks off from blogging - twice this year - ✅ I had about 2 months a week away from blogging for my sanity and MH. Might do it again, so counting this as a win!
  9. Take part in more Twitter blog chats - ❌ Haven't even tried...
  10. Work with more brands this year - ✅ I've worked with three new brands so far this year, so very happy with that,

I have done so badly wit this! How have you been doing with your goals for 2018? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I've done awful with my goals too. I think I've realised setting goals just makes me depressed when I don't achieve them.

    1. Same! I'm not actively working to fulfil them this year, which is a bit bad, but I've been having more fun doing my own things that forcing myself to do a goal or two! xx

  2. Well done on the weight loss! I've not looked at my goals, I'm not actually sure if I made any, oops!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to keep it up, but have seemingly got stuck for the time being with the weight - it won't budge! xx

  3. You haven't done badly at all and there's still time to tick some more of those goals off! x x

    1. I'm hoping to try and get back on track with it soon! xx


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