Wednesday 18 July 2018

Things To Do In This Heatwave

Please tell me I'm not the only one dying in this heat? It's become slightly unbearable indoors, even with my desk fan going all day. My only salvation is, ironically, is being at work in the deli chiller! So cold, it's darn beautiful.

As a Brit, this weather is something we have only ever dreamed about. I like to think it's somehow correlated to the England football squad getting so far in the World Cup. We're so used to a 2 days heatwave, once a year, and then it's rain and cold for the other 363 days!

Here are some things to do in the heatwave to keep you busy, or to keep you cool.

Play with bubbles
Not only does this get you some fresh air and some sunshine, you can have a bit of fun! I use bubbles in the garden to chill out, after a stressful day at work, or my anxiety has been super bad. I don't know why, but it really helps. Plus, if you have children, they're not too expensive - we have a pack of 4 118ml bottles for £1 in Primark to use.

Go to the park
Have an hour to go to the park, visit the kids playground with the kids in your family, or find somewhere shady to have a picnic with your friends. You can work up a tan and have some relaxing time!

Visit your local leisure centre for some air con, and a cool dip in their various pools. If you're wanting to save money, or prefer to do it at home, buy a paddling pool, or a larger family one - and enjoy the cold water and sunshine in your garden instead.

My main relaxation technique is to put a show on Netflix to binge, have my fan blasting me and having ice water on hand through the day. Read a book, write, blog, craft, etc from the comfort of a cool room in your house, and get those fans blasting.

Food shop & have a BBQ
A perk of food shopping is the air con to keep the food fresher for longer. I have been so happy to be in the supermarket at work, or doing the food shop. It's sooo nice and cool in there. Pick up some goodies for a BBQ while taking full advantage of the air con, and then head back home for a nice BBQ!

The most important thing is to keep hydrated through the day with water, and if you're going to be outside for a while, please keep yourself safe and use suntan lotion to stop you getting burnt.

What have you done during this heatwave, and what on the list would you do? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. You're definitely not the only one to be struggling in this heat. I used to love bubbles as a kid, never really considered them as an adult though. I'm sure my cats would be fascinated if I was blowing them though. I've just been doing the relaxing part mostly.. watching a lot of things with air con on in the bedroom (we caved in and bought a portable unit, it's been a game changer to be honest) | Merkitty Blog

    1. It's so nice and relaxing with the bubbles - plus it gets me outside! I so wish I had thought about an air-con unit at the start of this heatwave lol xx


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