Friday 23 December 2016

My Fave Christmas Memories

Oh it's the Friday before the big day on Sunday, which means I've been having a look back at my family pictures from the past few Christmases.

So, naturally, I wanted to share some of them with you! I have so many, but these ones have made me laugh! Hope you enjoy a peek into the festive past!

Here's me with my cousins, Daniel & Lucy back in 1993! I was about 15 months old here, and taken at my Aunt's house! We still go here each year!

In 1993 again, for my first, partially white Christmas! Made this dodgy looking snowman with my Aunt at my Nan and Grandad's house!

I think this is about 1998/9, so I was about 7 - and on the PS1! I had wanted it for ages, and was lucky enough to get it as my first games console! And look at the Furby's!!!!

With my sister Ash in 2001, having the pic of the two of us with our 'joint' gifts each year! We were always forced to do this picture...

My lovely Nan in 2002! She had been helping my Aunt cook all day, but came out to see us playing with the presents now and then! I miss her each Christmas, but I'm so glad to have the pictures of her with us all.

All the family in 2003 having dinner! Can't wait for this food on Sunday!!

2014 - Fireworks and sparklers in my Aunt's garden! Lucy was trying to a figure of 8 here, but it didn't go quite right!

And finally, in 2015, with all the family at my Aunt's house as usual! Managed to get a picture of all of us for the first time in years! Even managed to get Grandad in this, even though he had no idea we were actually taking the picture! I've got a selfie stick now, so hoping to get a better one of all us this year!

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different throwback past! Have you got any fun pictures of your Christmases? Let me know! Hope you have a great weekend and a lovely Christmas with all your friends and family! :)

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