Friday 30 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016

I had an amazing Christmas and festive period with my friends and family, and before the New Year rolls in, I wanted to do a final post about Christmas, in the form of a WIGFC post! I took most of these pictures on my phone so sorry for the quality, but I was too excited to take them all properly with my camera!

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag or show off, I just wanted to share these as I like to see what other people got themselves! So please link me you yours if you've done a similar post!

Rapunzel, Mulan & Merida Christmas tree ornaments! 

Presents from my Mum!

Presents from Abbi, Jackie and Lauren!

Presents from my Sister & her boyfriend Mosh!

Presents from my best friend Nicola - who was super naughty this time!

Presents from my Dad!

I was spoiled beyond belief and am so grateful for everything I received. I'll be using a lot of these beauty bits over the next few months, so will be reviewing them at some point!

What did you get for Christmas? Let me know on twitter on in the comments if you've done a post/vlog about your gifts! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Wow you had some awesome gifts! Definitely sensing a Harry Potter theme...haha! Love the Unicorn hat, too. That's cool. My What I Got For Christmas post goes up at 9pm tonight so pop over to my blog then if you'd like to read it :) x x

    1. I was spoilt!! I think all my friends and family know I like Harry Potter... haha!!
      Ooh I will go look at that now!! xx


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