Monday 23 October 2017

30 Before 30 | Bucket List

Back in September, I turned 25 years old. Cue my mini heart attack about becoming a member of the overs category on the X Factor...

But, that means I have 5 years until I hit the next big birthday milestone of 30! I'm honestly still trying to figure my life out, so what better way to help myself get some ideas, than to create a little ole bucket list?

I'm not sure how many of these will ever happen, but it's nice to have the ideas! So, here we have my '30 before 30' bucket list!

  1. Stop eating so much pizza
  2. Move out
  3. Change jobs
  4. Stop taking money out my 'savings' so often!
  5. Get married
  6. Cut down on how much junk food I eat
  7. Visit France
  8. Go back to Florida
  9. Own a dog
  10. Have a baby or two!
  11. Re-read the Harry Potter books
  12. Visit Australia
  13. Learn more about HTML, SEO, and more, to help with my blog
  14. Finish writing the three books that I have half done!
  15. Meet some famous people!
  16. Learn how to make a really good roast dinner
  17. Explore more of America - not just Florida
  18. Learn a language - currently learning so Japanese and French
  19. Visit Japan
  20. Do a Marvel-verse movie marathon!
  21. Read all of the Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings books
  22. Start my own business
  23. Become an Auntie!
  24. Go see a great Drag Queen show
  25. Lose some weight/tone up
  26. Buy a new car
  27. Visit Scotland
  28. Re-watch all of Supernatural
  29. Buy my own home
  30. Be super happy and healthy

These are in no particular order, as it was more of a brain dump... Oops! Are any of these on a bucket list for you at all? If you have a list similar to this, please let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Great ideas! Good luck with your bucket list :) Get married was one of my bucket list items and I've now achieved then. Next up is babies :D x x

    1. Thank you Aimee!! :) You'll be ticking off babies from the list soon, I'm sure!! xx

  2. Great ideas! Some of them are really similar to mine. My ultimate is to see the Northern Lights!xo

    1. Ooh I'm going to come check yours out now! xx


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