Friday 27 October 2017

Walmart Beauty Haul!

While in Florida, I had a little shop around Sephora and Walmart's beauty sections. I recently showed you what I bought from Sephora, so now it's time for the Walmart's haul!

I ended up spending just under $100 on all of these goodies, which I honestly don't think is too bad for all of this.

I had abandoned my Dad and sister in the food aisles, and had practically ran off to the makeup before they knew I was even gone. As we were only in the store for a 'quick food run', I had to be quick with my choosing, as I know my Dad hates waiting around for me to pick between products!

I hadn't realised how many brands that Walmart stocked, so I ended up with a pick and mix of anything I could get my hands on.

I located the ELF section, and picked up the Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Fair, Volumizing Mascara, Shine Eraser and, the Flawless Eyeshadow palette in Party Purple. Then from Wet n Wild, I picked up this Mega Cushion Color Corrector in Peach, and this glittery silver Mono Eyeshadow in Spiked. From the gag worthy nails section, I found my fave false nails brand - Impress - and purchased these nautical themed nails! From a brand I've never heard of, called Almay, I chose this Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde - which hopefully won't be too dark on me when I try it out!

Also from Wet n Wild, I found this Khol Eyeliner in Baby's Got Black, which I mainly got because the name of it made me laugh! From the same brand, I found a lovely mascara called Fanatic Black Cat - which promises 8x more volume, so fingers crossed! Next I located Covergirl's section - which I've loved ever since Ellen started promoting them! I ended up with Advanced Radiance Foundation 105 Ivory, 105-110 Fresh Complexion Powder, and 220 Urban Basics Eyeshadow palette. Up next, is a new brand I've also not heard of before, called Hard Candy. I love that brand name. From them, I purchased a 12 Hour Mattifying Setting Spray with oil control.

Another Covergirl product, is this 810 Fair concealer - which looks like it has a super soft applicator on the tip of the tube! Back to Hard Candy, I picked up two soft glide eyeliner pencils in two lovely shades - 1277 Chrome and 1267 Creamy Matte. The final product I picked up was Hard Candy's Look Pro Neautral Eyes palette. It's such a pretty palette, and take a sneek peek at the inside of it below!

I've linked the products to anywhere I could find them online for you, so hopefully this helps if you want to check any of them out in more detail. I will be doing reviews on all of these over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Which parts of the haul do you like the most? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Almay are owned by Revlon, I believe. The cushion foundation is so cute! I wish Wet n Wild were available in the UK.

    1. Ooh I didn't know that! I wish they were available over here too - I'd buy it all! xx


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