Friday, 18 August 2017

What's In My Carry On Bag?

Carry on bags are such a pain in my opinion. I'm quite happy to just have my backpack on the plane, but there are always things that won't fit in such a small bag. So, carry on cabin bags are the way forwards. I know most people are happy with a small suitcase as their carry on, but I've opted for a simple backpack as my carry on/handbag this time around.

The thought process behind this was that I can buy a large bag when I'm in Florida, and that can be the cabin bag for the return for any goods I want to bring back that might break in the hold.

I have this nice big Darth Vader backpack. It's nice and roomy for everything I need, plus more. Everything in the below pictures fits in here perfectly. There are other things such as my passport, boarding pass, phone/ipod, camera and purse that I've not taken pictures of, as these are just my 'added extras' on top of my essentials!

I have a super awesome, Minnie Mouse neck pillow for the plane - and my sister has a Mickey Mouse one! I bought these in Primark for £6 about 4 months ago, and so happy I did. Adds a nice touch of Disney to the travelling.

To keep me busy on the plane, along with any films they have on offer to watch, I've packed some little activities for me. I'm taking a wordsearch book and some stationary for when I'm not in the mood to watch anything. I love wordsearches, and as they take me ages to complete, these should burn off a few hours! I've also packed in Zoella's third book from the Girl Online series to read while on the plane, and also when we're at the villa.

A new addition to my travel gear, is my beauty bag. I've got this small clear pouch that is perfect for security, and just the right size for everything I need. I've got a powder and concealer ready for before we land so I can look a little more awake, some plasters just in case, a small compact mirror, mascara, and a hand sanitizer. I might swap some of these bits out for newer items before we go, but that's the general look of what I've got in the clear case.

What are your carry on bag travel essentials? Let me know, just in case there's something vital I might be missing! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Universal Studios Florida Bucket List

In a matter of week, I will be stood back on Florida's lovely hot ground and ready for my holiday in the glorious sunshine. It honestly cannot come fast enough - I am in dire need of a holiday!!

I've been having a good look at all the Universal Studio parks to see what rides and activities I really want to try and do while we're there. So here is a little bucket list of the things I'm hoping to try out while getting my tan on!
  1. Meet the Marvel characters
  2. Ride the Hulk Coaster
  3. Go on the King Kong: Skull Island ride
  4. Watch the 8th Voyage of Sinbad show
  5. Visit Hogsmeade
  6. Visit Diagon Alley
  7. Try Butterbeer again
  8. Have a picture in front of the big 'globe'
  9. Go to Volcano Bay
  10. Meet the Minions
  11. Go on Jurassic Park River Adventure
  12. Brave going on Rip Ride Rock It!
  13. Try Duffbeer
  14. Buy a wand in Ollivander's
  15. See the Blue Man group
  16. Watch one of the daily parades
  17. Watch the Blue's Brothers
  18. Meet a Raptor
  19. Go on Dr Doom's Fearfall
  20. Race through New York with Jimmy Fallon!

I am so excited for this trip!! Is there anything I've missed from the list that you think I might want to do? Pleas let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Crownbrush UK Chubby Eye Pencils

I've been a big fan of Crownbrush ever since they contacted me on Twitter at the start of 2016. I've tried out their makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes before, and I love them - so thought I'd try some more things from them.

One thing that caught my eye recently, were these Chubby Eye Pencils. For £3.99 each, they're quite a nice bargain. There are 13 different shades on offer, but the ones I chose were a purple a copper colour, called Copper Rock and Grape Crush, respectively.

I use copper and purple shades the most for my eye looks, so these are perfect for me. Both are highly pigmented and do not need a lot of coverage to get the desired effect.

I wouldn't use the pair of them together, but individually with other shades, they would be really good for night out looks! Due to them being eye pencils. they also work really well as bases for eye shadows to go over the top of. I'm definitely going to buy more of these come pay day, as I have really enjoyed them so far.

Have you tried out Crownbrush and what do you think of them? I highly recommenced them as a brand as it's all such good quality. Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Welcome To Dating Sites

So if you don't follow me on Twitter - and if not, why are you not? - then you'll have seen that I'm back on dating sites. Yep, I've been a single pringle for almost 3 months now, so I'm a free agent and back on the sometimes-hell, also called Badoo. It's a chat/dating site, has the same swiping feature as Tinder, and also lets you know when you've bumped into someone within about quarter of a mile.

Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's hell on Earth. All depends on the day it seems!

Last time I done a three part series of this back in 2013, which you can read all about in the follow places!

As you can tell, it's a proper thriller. Anway, back to the present. So now I'm single once again, I've decided to come back on Badoo and see what people are out there now. I've a very different person to who I was 4 years ago, so I have a better mindset and better outlook on life and myself.

I've been back on the site for about 2/3 weeks now and wow. Out of about 100 men that I've spoken to, 90% of them have been assholes! The other 10% have been pretty fun to chat to, and I've even swapped numbers with a few of the seemingly sane ones.

What have I learnt about dating sites in 2017? Let me tell you...

  • Unwanted dick pics are apparently still a thing
  • Even had a few tit pics from women as well which was a whole new experience!
  • 'Hi' is the most boring conversation starter
  • Not all the men on there are bad, there are some really nice people on there
  • Patience is a virtue
  • Men think to comment on the size of my tits as a conversational opener will be good idea. It is not
  • The block/report button is your best friend
  • 50% of people will not read a damn thing from your profile
  • A lot of guys you think 'hell yes' to, are 100+ miles away from you
  • It is, in someways, a confidence booster
  • You will get random men's phone numbers straight away, without even a greeting
  • I've had 3 marriage proposals already
  • It's really hard to think of something witty as a conversation opener
  • You will find people on there that you already know from work/school etc

I've honestly had so many dick pics sent to me in the past month, that I could make a fancy collage of them all saying the word 'no' pretty soon. Maybe will take that up as a new hobby...

Are you on any dating sites and have found any of the above to me the same/true of your experiences? Let me know so I know I'm not alone! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mulan | Disney Inspired Lookbook

I've decided to do a set of Disney Inspired Lookbooks - all inspired by the Princesses - in the run up to my Florida holiday this year! I don't think I'll be able to squeeze them all in before I actually go, but I'll do my best! Last time I created a new Pocahontas look, and now it's time for this week's new Princess!

I am obsessed with the shoes from this look!! What part of the look is your favourite, and who is your fave Disney Princess? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Monday, 7 August 2017

The Harry Potter Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Cassie from Zombie Goddess Beauty to the new Harry Potter tag that she's revamped! You can check out her answers to the tag here.

I am massive Potterhead, and its the one franchise that I've never thought 'umm' about. I've been loyal to it since 2001 when I read the first book and the films started! So this tag is perfect for me to do - so lets get to it!

1. What house are you in?
Gryffindor! This was the house I was first sorted into on an online quiz back in 2002, and also my house on Pottermore! Plus I love lions...

2. What is your patronus?
I've always said a unicorn, because they're unique like me! I got a Swallow on Pottermore and I dislike birds intensely, so I'm sticking with unicorn!

3. What is your wand?
Pottermore has given me an 121/2 inch Hornbeam Wood and Dragon Heartstring wand, so that is what it shall me!

4. What would your boggart be?
Seeing family dead and lots of fire

5. What position would you play in Quidditch?
I like to think Keeper, as I cannot hit or catch anything for shit - so Seeker, Beater and Chaser are all out of the question!

6. Would you be a pure blood, half blood or muggle born?
Probably half blood? As there is barely 'a witch or wizard alive who isn't half blood or less!'

7. What job would you want after to have after graduating Hogwarts?
I think a Healer would be awesome! We don't get to see a lot of them in the series, but they must have pretty cool jobs with all the spells they can use.

8. Which of the deathly hallows would you choose?
The invisibility cloak. Just think of being able to sneak about doing random things without being seen!?

9. Favourite book?
Prisoner of Azkaban. We got to meet Sirius, Pettigrew and REMUS BLOODY LUPIN.

10. Least favourite book?
Goblet of Fire. It always felt like a 'filler' book to me, as it was there to just bring Voldy back. I still love the story, but it's the least fave!

11. Favourite film?
Philosopher's Stone! I will never get over seeing Diagon Alley or Hogwarts for the very first time. Such a gleeful feeling.

12. Least favourite film?
Goblet of Fire, all for the same reasons as the book being my least fave!

13. Favourite character?
Fred and George Weasley. In the books they have many, many, more funny moments than we see in the films. Their jokes, banter and general presence in the book is always my fave thing to read.

14. Least favourite/most hated character?
Anyone who doesn't say Umbridge for this is lying.

15. Favourite teacher at Hogwarts?
Professor McGonagall! She is the most badass Professor there, an animagus and generally kickass. I'll never get over her sass or the 'have a biscuit Potter' plot twist.

16. Least favorite teacher at Hogwarts?
Professor Binns. Yes, we never see him in the films, but he's in the books and is sooooo dreary.

17. Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?
None that spring to mind!

18. If you could save one character from the finale battle who would you save?
FRED WEASLEY. I cried for like a day and couldn't read the next chapter for a few hours after realizing he had died. My soul was ripped apart!!

I am now tagging these lovely ladies!

I cannot get enough of Harry Potter, so I have loved doing this tag!! What would your answers be? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner Tool!

I'm sure if you're a lover of beauty, you've likely seen this product on Instagram and Facebook via adverts a lot. I've seen the Facebook ad so many times, I think I could recreate it myself...

Anyway! I ended up caving to the adverts and ended up buying the eyeliner wing stamp, also know as the Vamp Stamp! I purchased this off of CultBeauty for £22.50 - yes, it's not cheap at all. There are three different sizes to try out. Kitten, Medium and Large. I went with Kitten, as I wanted to try this out before trying any of the larger sizes.

It arrived a few days later and I first tried it out on my hand, as you can see below. It didn't turn out great either time - but I think this may have been down to doing this photoshoot in the garden on a bloody hot day, and the product dried up before I stamped it!

The stampe is double ended, so you have a wing shaped stamp for each eye. All you do is cover the surface in eyeline (liquid is best) and then stamp it on. You can however, get the Vamp Stamp VINK eyeliner ink to use with this if you want.

I eventually tried it on my eyes the next day and was pretty happy with how it turned out straight away. It's a clean straight line, and it's super easy to do. Just draw the liner onto your eyelid, and then stamp this onto the end to meet up with the line!

I really love this and it's saved me hours of trying to get matching wings the past few weeks. I think the medium one would have been a better size for me as I have quite wide eyes, and this one is just enough to peek out the sides when I'm looking head on!

What do you think of the Vamp Stamp, and have you tried it before? Let me know. because I am loving this handy product, irregardless of the price! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Social Anxiety

I've no idea how to really word any of this post, so please bear with!

The first time I really noticed I had anxiety was when I was 15. That's when I realised what it was called and what it meant was happening to me - that and panic attacks all in one. I figured out what triggered me or made me feel 'off' by the time I was 18. By about 22 years old, I'd worked out certain techniques to help me calm down and what to do if my anxiety would trigger a panic attack.

The good thing is that in the past 8 months, I've only had about 6/7 pretty bad panic attacks, and a small handful of little ones that were easy to deal with.

Since figuring out what all this anxiety and stuff was, back when I was 15, I've maybe been lucky in only having 100, or less, major panic attacks. I think that's pretty good going for a 10 year time frame - but there are some times that I can go months without one, and then other times where I am having them every other week.

Social anxiety is my worse downfall. I'll say 'no' to a social outing 90% of the time. The 10% I say 'yes' are normally when my best friend Nicola is there, or I'm going somewhere familiar with friends I'm okay with!

Last month I had three social outings over one weekend and it was a weird thing to look back on! I spent the Friday night with Nicola out at dinner, and had no anxiety whatsoever about it. Saturday was a night out with some friends from work, and we headed to town to the bars for drinks.

I remember having a massive panic attack that morning and had a few smaller ones while I was getting ready to go out - but I still went. I really tackled that fear and went out for a few hours. I was a strong 8/10 for anxiety the whole time as it was super busy at one bar and I felt like I was being pressed into a small space... I got home and could still feel my heart beating and my legs felt like lead from how many times I had been tapping my feet to keep me occupied with that and not the situation I was stood in.

The Sunday, I went to a nearby pub in the evening with a couple of other friends from work, and had no problem with that at all - even though it was a totally new pub and with friends I'd not really gone out with before! I was super proud of myself for doing that!

So what triggers me? It can be a handful of things, but these are the ones that make me feel the worse:

  • Large crowds of people
  • Unfamiliar places
  • Going somewhere new
  • Going somewhere alone
  • Driving long distances
  • Getting confused in a situation and not sure how to deal with it
  • Arguing with people
  • Social gatherings

How do I deal with it? There are really only a few things that I can do when my anxiety get's really bad, or a panic attack sets in:
  • Count to 20
  • Use the 5 senses to 'ground' myself
  • Sit opposite a widow and look to the sky - makes the room feel bigger
  • Get fresh air

If you have any techniques that might help me or someone else deal with the above, please let me know as I'm, always looking for new ways to help me calm down quicker! Sorry this was a really rambling kind of post, but it's so hard to word something like this; so thank you if you made it this far! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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