Friday 25 October 2013

My Life ~ The Online Dating Mistake | Part 2

Hello Everyone!

It's time for part two of the bad dating saga; aka my life. As I said before, I'm not mentioning names unless I know the people mentioned are okay with it, so to save some people's identities, they are marked with a * and the name is fake :)

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Episode Two - Online Guy In Real Life

Well from that title you can guess what I went and done. I'd been talking to one guy, Chris* on the app for three days, pretty much 10 hours a day. We swapped Facebooks and he seemed like a nice guy to hang out with and be friends with. Then he gave me his number and I thought 'What the hell? He seems fine!' So we swapped numbers and began texting. Chris had a pretty good job, drove a car, had a seemingly nice family and had been single for three months. Peachy. We spoke a lot about different things and I managed to learn a lot about him in a matter of five days, via many texts and Facebook messages.

As I write this I am mentally slapping myself. I'm not someone who steps out of the comfort zone easily, so for me to swap numbers with a stranger is weird to me. Then he asked if I wanted to meet up with him. It took me about three hours to decide, plus roping my friend Jodie into this situation to come with me, as there was no way I was meeting a stranger all by myself. SAFETY FIRST. She said she would come with me, and we decided on meeting in my town to go bowling and he would bring a friend so Jodie wouldn't feel like a third wheel. Jodie is engaged so this was fine with her as she would be there for me. I got excited about meeting a new friend and he seemed excited too. The day before the meet up I saw on the dating app he had changed his motto from 'wants to chat' to 'wants to date'. Literally no alarm bells went off at that point.

So the day of the meet up arrives. I didn't make much effort with my outfit as to me, I was just meeting up with a new friend. He then texts me saying how excited he is to meet me. Jodie and I arrive at the bowling alley location and wait inside to meet him. It was a ridiculously hot day so I was in shorts, and I hate my legs. I wouldn't have worn this for a date I can assure you. I really still thought at this point that it was just a friendly meet up. ~Internal deep, deep sigh.~ I am quite naive, I see that now.

So he walks in, looks like he did in his pictures. Great. Then we see he is alone as his friend didn't come after Chris told him that Jodie was engaged. Okay, fine now my friend feels third wheeled! Anyhow, we start the bowling game and we sit and talk more about each other and he asked me about my hand which is strapped up in so much microporous tape it resembled the Michelin man. (I'd hurt my hand a few weeks previously so it was taped up to stop any further injuries.) As we had been talking I suddenly noticed his arm was around me... Now I panicked a little and didn't say anything and then thankfully it was my turn to bowl. No more awkward arm hugs.

Next we were all hungry so went to the restaurant at the bowling place and got burgers. While ordering his arm was around me again, but I didn't notice this until we went to walk back to our seats. Don't get me wrong, Chris was a pretty nice guy and good looking, but I was like 'what the hell?' I mean, I thought it was just a friendly meet up! We eat and then go to the arcade. He has now taken to holding my hand. I honestly didn't know what to do so I just went with it and then tried to let go as often as possible by playing some of the games in the arcade. Then... HE KISSED MY FOREHEAD, (I'm quite short compared to him). The alarm bells in my head were going wild now. I've not really done the dating thing a lot, considering I was with my last boyfriend for almost five years. So I insisted on playing air hockey to stop this as my heart was thumping like a jackhammer at this point. I like being single.

So we then go to leave, so I walk out the building with Chris and we are waiting for Jodie to come out and then he said he'd had a great day and loved meeting me and wanted to do it again. I nodded and couldn't reply as his mouth was upon mine now. Short and quick kiss and I just blinked a few times and then glanced at the doors like 'WHERE THERE HELL IS JODIE'. Don't get me wrong, it was good kiss and that, but I was in some sort of shock and denial. I've never thought myself to be all that um... fanciable? Then we were talking about possible meeting dates again and I said maybe the following Monday as it was before my birthday. We agreed and I thought it will just be as friends next time as I would tell him later, as I'd have felt bad saying it to his face. Jodie then appeared and began to walk to the car, and then he freaking kissed me again. I cannot explain my face, heart rate or what was going around in my head other than: I like being single.

We parted and we were going to meet up the following Monday. This is where I end this post until the final installment of this saga next week! There is much more to this story I can promise you. It is still going on a whole month later. Any awkward dating experiences of your own, may it be an actual date or an accidental one like mine, please let me know!

Until part three, keep safe, everyone!
Tania xxx

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