Wednesday 12 January 2022

Amazing Benefits Of Doing A Social Media Detox*

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In today's society, the sad reality is that people spend a lot of time browsing social media platforms, even when it should not be happening, like when having dinner with family. If you are in this situation, you need to know that you should be providing the people you love undivided attention instead of being glued to your mobile phone.

Social media addiction can apply to anyone. If you think it doesn't apply to you, then look at the number of times you spend checking your phone and if you sometimes get filled with the idea of deleting the different social media accounts in your phone. There may be cases where you spend most of your time on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok without doing anything productive. In this case, you should consider detoxing from social media and do other things.

Improved Self-Confidence

You may be going through your Instagram feed and notice someone with a perfect body. The comparison, in this case, can be unavoidable, especially when you start comparing yourself with your friends. This incident can make you start lagging. Always remember that the things you see on social media are not a reality, and start valuing yourself for who you are.

Avoid copying or being the things you saw on the internet. If you consider a digital detox, it will help decent your focus from the comparison you have as it will also give you some time where you will start involving yourself in things that will bring a smile to your face. If you're feeling pressured by other people’s lives, one of the things you need to consider is how to delete Instagram account

Stop Feeling Competitive

Feeling competitive is normal, but there are cases where you start copying what other people do. This can happen because in most cases, you may go to your Facebook account and post for attention because you want more reactions to your post.

The comments and reactions you get to measure a certain post's popularity can make you strive and start outdoing others and yourself. This competitiveness may not be healthy, leading to depression and anxiety. You can consider taking a mental health break by stepping away from social media for a period.

To Reduce Anxiety

When using your social media account, you may start feeling anxious because of the likes and comments others have. When you post and check the reaction to other people's posts and yours, it can lead to a great deal of anxiety despite not realizing it. If you decide to take a break from social media, it can give you the chance of breaking from the destructive cycle.

Social Media Leads To Decrease In Productivity

When you start getting committed to social media, chances are you will harm the professional life commitment in complex ways. When at work, you may start multitasking by watching the Instagram reels while doing your report and when this happens, chances are one task may not be completely done. Additionally, you may be writing your office report while listening to your friend's video, which can distort your report writing.

Help Use Your Time For Something Better

You may be spending most of your time on social media, which may affect your daily life. You can put yourself in a situation where you decide to dedicate your month to Instagram. At the same time, you may be having different productive activities waiting for you.

Exercising, education, and adventure can be considered key to helping recreate the dopamine feeling demanded by social media. For example, you can go for a weekend getaway because it can be a good way to use your time productively instead of looking at your phone all the time.

Reconnecting With The Real World

There are chances where you find an easier time connecting with people online but find it hard to do so offline. For example, it is considered ideal for introverts, but you may need some in-person human contact at some point. Sadly, if you spend more time on social media, you may start feeling lonely and isolated in real life. In addition, there is a likelihood you may suffer from a weakened immune system.

If you are an introvert and don't like interacting with other people, the good news is that you can start reconnecting with others by going out. Start by taking yourself to the place you love, like a restaurant or a park. You can also consider going to a concert or movie. Finally, if you feel like making new friends, you can use different services like MeetUp to help you find like-minded people.

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Sunday 9 January 2022

QNORA - Ring Review

Back at the start of December, I wanted to treat myself to some new jewellery - but the fake kind! I love the faux diamond rings that look like they're expensive in some way, and this was one what caught my eye on Etsy. I found this shop called QNORA after it popped up in my recommended section on the homepage.

I had a little browse, and came across this gorgeous ring for £18.99 - and it was in my size! It came in it's own little dust bag a few days later and is beyond beautiful. Up close, you can tell it is fake, BUT from a distance - hell no!

It is so beautiful and fits me perfectly on two fingers on each hands, so I can swap it about depending on what I want to wear. They also sent me a lovely thank you note and sicount for a next order, which I might be doing come payday next week!

What do you think of this ring? And what do you think about this type of 'cheap' jewellery alternatives? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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