Tuesday 29 October 2013

Beauty Buys - Fragrance Direct

Hello all!

I was reading some beauty blogs the other day, and one person mentioned this wonderful site named Fragrance Direct where there are thousands of beauty products for really cheap prices. Not wanting to believe it until I looked myself I had a browse on the site. Oh the wonders I discovered. Minus £18 later, I had a few bits and pieces arriving in a few days along with some ebay purchases.

Friday rolled around and I was greeted by the Postman with a big package - no innuendo intended. The large box was my Fragrance Direct things, and the two smaller packages are additional bits from ebay. Opening them all up, it felt a little bit like an early Christmas for me, as I rarely buy beauty bits all year as I get lots as presents through the year. I immediately loved all the nail polishes and the little quad eye shadows caught my eye. Of course I documented the whole thing for my blog.

First I had a good look at all the polishes as I normally only seem to buy red ones, so this was nice to have different colours! My favourite so far has to be the Caramel Cupcake one, as it is so close to my skin tone that I can wear it to work, and have yet to be caught! All from the Rimmel 60 Second range, which is my all time fave brand for my nails, and they only cost 99p. Up at work, they are about £2 each, so quite the bargain. Colours, left to right: 650 - Magnetise / 850 - Aye Aye Sailor / 620 - How Do You Lilac It? / 500 - Caramel Cupcake / 805 - Grey Matter. I loved the prices of these so much that I've ordered another few in other colours available on the site.

Another polish I discovered for another 99p, was NYC Quick Dry nail polish. I've never heard of this brand before so thought I would give it a try with 266 Battery Park Purple. I LOVE this colour. It's very gothic glam, so I will be wearing this for Halloween this week. I might have to get more from this brand, as I love how dark it is, but it stands out so well against my slightly pale skin!

Alongside this NYC product, I wanted to see what else they had on offer, and came across these NYC Quartet Eye Shadow pallettes. Oh my goodness these are perfect. They are tiny enough to fit into any handbags as they are no bigger than the palms of my hands. The reason for buying these two was that they tell you where to apply each colour on your eye to create a smoky eye effect. If you've been with my blog and videos for a while, you'll know I am useless at makeup application, and had no idea how to do such a look on myself. These tiny little pallettes have worked wonders for me and they made my eyes look pretty good! I bought them in a nude and purple colour, as I wanted a day time and a night time look. The nude shade is called 815A The Best Of Broadway, and the purple one is called 792 Hot Couture. For 99p, you cannot go wrong with these, so much so, that I might have purchases the other colours available on the site. Oops.

The other two things I bought from the site are these little pocket nail files which are handy for me to take to work with me. I am forever snapping and chipping my nails on the tills and products at work, so these are just the right size to have in my pocket to take onto the till with me, instead of my huge nail file which is a bit big! For only 75p, I will probably end up buying more of these once I have used up all of the ones I now own, as these are perfect for me. 

The last item I found was my all time favourite perfume. As it is called Playboy Play It Rock. I decided to see if they had this for a cheaper price that the drugstores and supermarkets as it usual retails in at about £13. I happily pay that price for this as I love the scent of it. However this wonderful site had it like I had hoped. I managed to snag this for £5.99! Bargain! The bottle I currently have is almost empty, so this find came at the perfect moment so I just had to buy it. I've tried many perfumes over the years, and being an asthmatic, some scents are so strong I can't wear them at all, but this one gives off a nice smell and isn't so strong that I suffocate. 

My final two purchases are from ebay, as I had seen these on beauty blogs a lot and after buying all these new polishes, I decided I had to get them.  First I found some of these acrylic nail wheels for me to test out colours and nail art on. How had I not bought some of these earlier I don't know, as these are quite handy for me to show my mum what colours I have when she wants to borrow them! I've used one up already from playing about with colours and designs, so it is quite the mess! They cost £2.75 for 10 wheels which wasn't too bad compared to other prices.

The other thing from ebay are these beautiful purple marble nail art pens. These are the most common ones that you can find, and for 99p you can't complain about it. There are some blue versions as well for about £2, but my favourite colour is purple, so had to get them! Already tested them out on the nail wheel and they work great, though I need a little more practice with them before I try them out on myself for designs!

So there are all my recent beauty purchases for this week! Hopefully the other bits and pieces I ordered will be here by the weekend so I might have another post up soon for you all! If you haven't already, go and check out the Fragrance Direct website as it has saved me so much money this month already. P&P charges are reasonable too.

Hope you liked this post and leave any comments about the products below if you like them. Keep safe everyone and have a great week :)
Tania xxx

Friday 25 October 2013

My Life ~ The Online Dating Mistake | Part 2

Hello Everyone!

It's time for part two of the bad dating saga; aka my life. As I said before, I'm not mentioning names unless I know the people mentioned are okay with it, so to save some people's identities, they are marked with a * and the name is fake :)

Click here for >Part 1<

Episode Two - Online Guy In Real Life

Well from that title you can guess what I went and done. I'd been talking to one guy, Chris* on the app for three days, pretty much 10 hours a day. We swapped Facebooks and he seemed like a nice guy to hang out with and be friends with. Then he gave me his number and I thought 'What the hell? He seems fine!' So we swapped numbers and began texting. Chris had a pretty good job, drove a car, had a seemingly nice family and had been single for three months. Peachy. We spoke a lot about different things and I managed to learn a lot about him in a matter of five days, via many texts and Facebook messages.

As I write this I am mentally slapping myself. I'm not someone who steps out of the comfort zone easily, so for me to swap numbers with a stranger is weird to me. Then he asked if I wanted to meet up with him. It took me about three hours to decide, plus roping my friend Jodie into this situation to come with me, as there was no way I was meeting a stranger all by myself. SAFETY FIRST. She said she would come with me, and we decided on meeting in my town to go bowling and he would bring a friend so Jodie wouldn't feel like a third wheel. Jodie is engaged so this was fine with her as she would be there for me. I got excited about meeting a new friend and he seemed excited too. The day before the meet up I saw on the dating app he had changed his motto from 'wants to chat' to 'wants to date'. Literally no alarm bells went off at that point.

So the day of the meet up arrives. I didn't make much effort with my outfit as to me, I was just meeting up with a new friend. He then texts me saying how excited he is to meet me. Jodie and I arrive at the bowling alley location and wait inside to meet him. It was a ridiculously hot day so I was in shorts, and I hate my legs. I wouldn't have worn this for a date I can assure you. I really still thought at this point that it was just a friendly meet up. ~Internal deep, deep sigh.~ I am quite naive, I see that now.

So he walks in, looks like he did in his pictures. Great. Then we see he is alone as his friend didn't come after Chris told him that Jodie was engaged. Okay, fine now my friend feels third wheeled! Anyhow, we start the bowling game and we sit and talk more about each other and he asked me about my hand which is strapped up in so much microporous tape it resembled the Michelin man. (I'd hurt my hand a few weeks previously so it was taped up to stop any further injuries.) As we had been talking I suddenly noticed his arm was around me... Now I panicked a little and didn't say anything and then thankfully it was my turn to bowl. No more awkward arm hugs.

Next we were all hungry so went to the restaurant at the bowling place and got burgers. While ordering his arm was around me again, but I didn't notice this until we went to walk back to our seats. Don't get me wrong, Chris was a pretty nice guy and good looking, but I was like 'what the hell?' I mean, I thought it was just a friendly meet up! We eat and then go to the arcade. He has now taken to holding my hand. I honestly didn't know what to do so I just went with it and then tried to let go as often as possible by playing some of the games in the arcade. Then... HE KISSED MY FOREHEAD, (I'm quite short compared to him). The alarm bells in my head were going wild now. I've not really done the dating thing a lot, considering I was with my last boyfriend for almost five years. So I insisted on playing air hockey to stop this as my heart was thumping like a jackhammer at this point. I like being single.

So we then go to leave, so I walk out the building with Chris and we are waiting for Jodie to come out and then he said he'd had a great day and loved meeting me and wanted to do it again. I nodded and couldn't reply as his mouth was upon mine now. Short and quick kiss and I just blinked a few times and then glanced at the doors like 'WHERE THERE HELL IS JODIE'. Don't get me wrong, it was good kiss and that, but I was in some sort of shock and denial. I've never thought myself to be all that um... fanciable? Then we were talking about possible meeting dates again and I said maybe the following Monday as it was before my birthday. We agreed and I thought it will just be as friends next time as I would tell him later, as I'd have felt bad saying it to his face. Jodie then appeared and began to walk to the car, and then he freaking kissed me again. I cannot explain my face, heart rate or what was going around in my head other than: I like being single.

We parted and we were going to meet up the following Monday. This is where I end this post until the final installment of this saga next week! There is much more to this story I can promise you. It is still going on a whole month later. Any awkward dating experiences of your own, may it be an actual date or an accidental one like mine, please let me know!

Until part three, keep safe, everyone!
Tania xxx

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Style Up ~ #1 Wine Skirt

Hello all!

Here is an outfit I styled together around a wine coloured dipped hem skirt I own. I like it with the top and shoes, though I am looking for a top that goes with it a lot better. I also own this skirt in black so I can style that a dozen ways with a variety of colours, but I think the wine one is so much better for this season! I know the possibility of cold legs with this outfit is quite high, but I just love this all pieced together.

Skirt - £7 (on sale)
Top - £8
Shoes - £16
All items from Select.

I've had the shoes for a while and worn then a lot as you can tell from their fragile state, but I love wedges so these are perfect for this outfit. And here I am wearing my new get up. Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, my phone didn't wish to cooperate today.

Let me know what you think of this styling below!

Hope you're all having a great week so far, and keep safe :)
Tania x

Friday 18 October 2013

My Life ~ The Online Dating Mistake | Part 1

Hello everyone!

Starting up with some more personal posts for the 'life' part of my blog, I'm going to start up a series of stories about my life, some funny, some maybe not, and others are there just for me to get things off my chest! I'll not mention names unless I know the people involved will be okay with me mentioning them, so all names marked with an * are names I have changed to save someone's identity!

Episode One ~ The Online Date Scenario

I had the bright idea one evening in September to find some chat apps for my iTouch just so I could chat to people and maybe make new friends. I had been single for a little under two months at this point so thought I could do with some people to bug in my spare time! I found one app called Badoo, and it was free to download so I downloaded it and began to set up a profile. I specifically put 'wants to chat/make new friends' as my options, not selecting the 'wants to date' option as quite frankly I was (and still am), loving being single.

As you can imagine there were a lot of people on there eager to chat and make friends, but then there are the crowd on there who wanted to date. ~Internal sigh~ I'd like to say a handful of them were nice and okay, and fine with the fact I wasn't up for dating and then they left me alone.

The others... Well...

I was inundated with offers of booty calls, dates, money, and even a car at one point, and I had 8 phone numbers thrown at me, in the first five minutes of me signing up onto the app. I'd only put up one picture at this point and not even a flattering one at that. I met a few nice people on there and though nothing came of some of them, I've actually made two friends off of the site. Yay!

Then the following day I woke up to a dozen app notifications and clicked on the messages and holy crow one of them nearly killed me from laughing. Many of them were like this, but this was the first message I saw that morning. Alex* hadn't even said the word hello in the first message he sent me. In fact here is the messages exchanged:

Alex: Will you dominate me?
Me: What the...?
Alex: Please. Take my virginity?
Alex: I'll even marry you and treat you like a princess.
Me: ... Um no sorry
Alex: Please. Don't you like to dominate people?
Me: No, not really...
Me: Hello would have been nice to start with!
Alex: Hello! < Changed your mind now?
Me: Oh god no.

This carried on for about ten minutes as I had yet to figure out how to block people, but the worse part is the guy was real as his account was verified by Facebook and mobile number... I cannot even begin to explain how much I was laughing and wondering if he was joking or being serious. That was until it happened a few more times with other guys. Really, the word hello would be nice before you ask me to jump into bed with you, or tie you to the damn thing. I've also seen far too many guys using their um... manhood as profile pictures. LET ME SEE YOUR FACE.


I've come across two old friends from school and a guy I worked with on there so far. He is another story completely, along with the guy who I actually met up with and well that didn't go quite as well as I was hoping!

I've since steered well clear of the app as I fear for my sanity if I get asked to dominate one more person.

Anyway, until part 2, keep safe and have a great weekend!
Tania xxx

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Weekly Faves ~ Face Products

Hello everyone!

Today is another weekly faves post on my fave products for my face! I use a variety of things to keep my face looking lovely, but first I'll tell you about my makeup products that I use and recommend. I don't use foundation unless I am going for a night out, so saving that for another post! So here goes with my powders.

03 Translucent, Superdrug £1.99
I've been using Collection 2000's pressed powder for years now as it has the perfect texture and unlike some powders that I've used, it doesn't have a weird smell. It is slightly darker than my skin tone as this is in 03 Translucent. I wear this everyday otherwise I tend to have a pretty shiny face. It is also a fairly cheap product so I can buy two at a time to keep me going for longer! The only thing I find annoying with this is that the lid keeps coming off and, when you are as clumsy as me and drop it a lot, that doesn't bode well for the carpet!

Miss Sporty's So Clear pressed powder is one of the first powders I ever used and it is still one of my faves even now. This matches my skin tone a little more, but I use this as more of a powdery concealer now rather than what it is meant for. As it matches my skin tone, I use this for under my eyes and to hide and spots that may occur, but sometimes I use this all over my face just so my makeup looks a little fresher.

01 Light, Superdrug £2.99
A recent find was this George Shimmer Me Powder from Asda, which I was given as an Easter gift but have only recently began to use it. You can sweep your brush over all five shades to get a nice shimmery bronzed glow, or use each colour individually for your eyelids, and the lighter colour is recommended for use under your brow bone. I've found this a pretty handy product for when I am on the go, as I don't have to take many eye shadows or blushers with me as it is all compacted into one handy little package!

No. 4 Heaven Sent, George £.4.50

To keep my skin clean and moisturized, I have used Clean & Clear and Nivea products since I was about 13 years old. I start off with cleansing my face with the Clean & Clear lotion with the aid of some cotton pads, and it has a nice smell to it and it is nice and cooling for your face too. This has really worked for me as I rarely have had any spot breakout since using this eight years ago. My moisturizer is the simple Nivea Creme, which is in a large 200ml pot. This can last me for up to 15 months at a time because I never have to use a lot of it to get my skin to feel good. Even after being used all that time, it never changes texture or smell, so it is a pretty good product to invest in.

£2.99 Morrisons
£3.39 Morrisons
My last three faves are Nivea's Essential Care and Pearly Shine lip balms, and T-Zone's Spot Zapping Stick. The Nivea lip balms are a new discovery of mine. I've never taken care of my lips really, so they are often cracked or dry, but these two products keep them both hydrated and shiny, so now my lips look amazing! I don't know how I've been so ignorant of their existence, but now I take them everywhere with me to use throughout the day.

£1.65 and £2.29 Superdrug
The T-Zone Spot Zapping Stick has been a product I have used for maybe four years, though I don't use it very often due to not having as many breakouts as some people. It works pretty effectively and I've noticed that within a day, the spot is visibly reduced and almost gone, though you do have to apply it a few times in the day to get this result. I found it by chance in a supermarket one day and have used it ever since!
£4.49 Sainsburys
So there are some of my beauty faves for my face to keep me looking the best I can! Any favourites of your own that you could recommend to me? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope you are all having a great week, and stay safe.
Tania xxx

Friday 11 October 2013

Weekly Faves ~ Eye Make Up

Hello everyone! 

As my last weekly faves blog post seemed to popular, I have decided to press on with my favourite eye makeup products. I've always said that my eyes are my best feature and so have many others, so it is something I have always tried to make just as nice even with makeup on.

Miss Sporty Eye Pencil, 001 Magic, £1.99 Superdrug

 I discovered my first product, Miss Sporty eye pencil when I was 15 and going through a bit of a scene/emo phase. I had no idea how to apply it until one of my friends showed me as I was a little late in joining the makeup bandwagon at school. Once I got the technique down, I used it constantly. Though the past few years I've not used it a lot, I bought it again and now use it regularly, but not as heavy as I used to do it! It's a product that is cheap and does its job well. You do have to retouch it a few times during the day, but as I've been a fan of this for six years now, I swear by it!

Next up is my mascara brand. As you can tell I am a fan of Miss Sporty! My all time favourite mascara is Pump Up Lash Waterproof. It has a bristle brush, which I found works better for me than the plastic applicators some of my other mascaras have. I generally have thick eyelashes without the use of mascara, and they are naturally long as it is, but I feel like this makes my eyes look that little bit better, and I feel more confident knowing I have it on. The only downside is that I found that it clumps on the brush more than other mascaras, so I have to buy it a little more often than other products, but for the price of £3.49, I can't complain too much!

Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash Waterproof 001 Black, £3.49 Superdrug

Now for my eye shadows! I use this particular pallette for when I am at work, as we're not supposed to wear makeup, but if we do it has to be subtle. My mum actually purchased this for me last Christmas, and I've only been using it for the past few months as I was using up older ones. I absolutely love this one! It is mainly matte colours such as brown, gold, nude and light pink. The nude and pink colours have raised ballet shoes on, so that was a pretty nice touch to the product!
Ted Baker Beauty £10 Boots

'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' pallette
I mainly use the brown and gold for work just to add a little colour to my face, and the nude and pinks are for the corners of my eyes to make my eyes stand out that little bit more! The other colours, purple, blue, green and grey are used mainly for nights out or just for general daytime use as I love how bright the purple makes my eyes look when I wear it! As I am no beauty guru at all, there were a few faux pas to start with when I put too much of the blue and purple on. The result was the 'been punched in the face' effect. I have since learned the error of my ways!! It was £10 for my mum to purchase, and for such a good quality product, you can not go wrong!

120 Eyeshadows, £27.95 SalonBoxed 
A new buy for me last month was this amazing product from SalonBoxed! This 120 eye shadow pallette was on sale from almost £50 to £27.95 so I just had to have it! This is my go-to pallette for my day to day look when I want to make my eyes extra pretty and I cannot stop gushing over this product! I never usually spend this much on makeup, but for that discounted price and the amount of colours here, I am in love. I've been mainly using the pinks and blues right now, but I've been using a little yellow and brown for a miraculously weird colour that actually looks pretty nice upon my eyelids! Any fave colours from below? Let me know! I used a few of the brighter colours to work last week and no one said anything about it, so this weekend I will be trying another bright eyed look to see if that is noticed!

Lastly is the applicator that makes my eye shadows work. I purchased this last month from Superdrug and it was one of my best ideas while in the shop. It's a nice soft but firm bristle brush, perfect for applying and blending my eyeshadows in. I find this works way better than a foam applicator as they fall apart quickly, and this is working perfectly for me right now. I've seen this in the shop a lot over the past year, so finally caved and bought it!
Cosmopolitan Eye Shadow Blender, £3.95 Superdrug
 Well that is another beauty blog post over! Any products above that you like, and any fave colour from the 120 pallette? Let me know in the comments below :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and keep safe!
Tania xxx

Thursday 10 October 2013

I'm A Shoe Slut

I am that girl who loves shoes so much, that she keeps buying them and never throws any out.

Well today I finally hit a point where I have too many shoe boxes, and some shoes that have been shoved into a closet until a time for them was needed. So guess what I did? I had the bright idea of putting all my shoes out on my bedroom floor and going through them. After this I done a quick count and the total was... brace for this... 44 pairs of shoes.

How have I collected so many??

I honestly felt a little ridiculous for owning so many pairs. The next step was to get rid of the ones I no longer used, wanted or liked any more. That was the hardest part. A few I knew immediately that they could go. But before I did this, I scanned the pile and counted how many shoes I have purchased since last summer, so 18 months ago. 17 pairs!! That is almost a pair for each month!!

I'd like to point out that I have actually worn all but three pairs of the shoes in that picture over there, which is pretty good for me at least. So I began the arduous task of cleaning out the shoe collection. I did get rid of some, but not a many as I had hoped. Five pairs are new-new and a couple are for general use and work. The rest are for nights out and for a little glam.

Eight pairs. That was all I could bring myself to get rid off. My sister took a few from me and the rest are going to charity like I do with all my unwanted clothes, shoes and bags. I have left myself with 36 pairs of shoes. *headdesk* I have a problem don't I?

However I have come up with a plan. Between now and New Year's day, I will see which of these I wear and which I don't, and then see if I can get rid of them again. I have a feeling a few will go anyway, but we shall see!! So below are the shoes I have kept!

Like any of them? Let me know!!
Keep safe everyone and have a wonderful week!
Tania xx

Monday 7 October 2013

Weekly Faves ~ Nail Polishes

I've recently come across a stash of nail polishes in my bedroom which I had forgot all about, so after throwing most of them out due to them resembling gel more than varnish, I needed to replenish my stock!

First up is Miss Sporty Lasting Color, Pure Shine. I use this as both a base and top coat, and sometime just so my fingers have a little extra shine for work. I purchased this a few months ago, and use it frequently. For such a cheap price of £1.99, you honestly cannot go wrong with it and it lasts about five days for me before any noticeable chipping.
£1.99 Superdrug
I also recently bought a set of glitter varnishes, and the texture of the glitter is so rough, that I've taken to applying about two coats of this Pure Shine on my nails just to stop myself getting glitter scratches!!
Parma Violet (44), Siren (5), Show Off (23) - All £1.99 Superdrug
Next up is three from Collection 2000's Hot Looks range. I love nice and bright colours on my fingers, so these three caught my eye and they really pop on your nails! They are Parma Violet (44 - purple), Siren (5 - pink) and Show Off (23 - blue). Siren is my favourite one by far, as it is so bright and really stands out. I haven't used them much yet as they are all new, but I am looking to wear these more as I like a little extra colour in my life!

£2.99 Superdrug
Lastly is a colour that I am constantly wearing and I have so many polishes in this shade, it is a little ridiculous. However, that said, I am a really big fan of Rimmel polishes, and this one in 310 Red Carpet is my current number one for polishes. It is a 60 second polish, and it has a wide applicator which means you only have to do one brush stroke to cover your nail properly! It is bright and I find that one coat of this is enough, but I normally do two if I want it to last that little bit longer, especially on a night out.

That is it from me today on my fave nail varnishes so far this month!
Keep safe everyone,

Tania xx

Friday 4 October 2013

A/W 2013 Going Out Look Book

I don't claim to be an expert of fashion whatsoever, but as I am a slightly curvier person than most that I see online and in my magazines, I decided to show you a quick look book! These are some outfits I have put together for going out of an evening.

May it be to a club, restaurant, out with friends, or even for a work event, these clothes are all useful!
I've pieced together recent bought items with some pieces I've had for a while but never had a use for them until now!

Outfit One
Monochrome Dress ~ Primark ~ £5 (on sale)
Black Strappy Shoes ~ Primark ~ £6 (on sale)
Black Court Shoes - Select ~ £10

The cut-out part of the dress!
The dress is a simple monochrome look consisting of what I've always called jungle print. Whether that is the correct name for the print, I don't know! Like I said, I am no expert! The dress caught my eye ages ago due to the design and the cutout at the front of the dress, which is just below the bust, and doesn't show off too much skin, which is something I am conscious about. As for the shaping of it, I don't feel like a whale in it or feel like I will draw a chunk of attention my way!

I paired this with black shoes, a choice of two, depending on the weather. If you can brave cold feet like I can most of the time, the strappy ones fit it perfectly, but the classic court shoes work just as well and keep the toes covered!

Outfit Two 
Monochrome Zig-Zag Vest Top ~ Primark ~ £4
Black Pencil Skirt ~ Select ~ £8
Black Court Shoes ~ As above
Black Pointed Shoes - As above

This outfit is so comfy! You can wear either pair of the black shoes with it, though I favor the court shoes with this one. The top is a simple vest top, slightly baggy so it looks better tucked into the skirt. The skirt is made of a thick material, like jersey kinda thick! I bought this a few months ago but it was too hot for it, yet now it it colder, it is the perfect weather for it.

 It is about knee length on me, so fairly modest and the fact it is a pencil skirt shows off the curves that I possess in a way that I am happy with! The top is my favourite part of this outfit as I normally go for plain tops, but this caught my eye and I couldn't resist!

Outfit Three
Red Leopard Spot Vest Top ~ Primark ~ £4
Red Jeggins - Primark - £7
Red Court Shoes ~ Select ~ £10

I braved a bright colour. Plus skinny jeans. I know that sounds a tad dramatic, but me and skinny jeans have an up and down relationship. Sometime I love them and they love my thighs, other times we have a disagreement that lasts months at a time. I've been living in bootcut jeans for a year, so time to venture out and be bold in some red! You can wear this with the black shoes too, but I like to go big with a colour and match it everywhere. I usually have a red clutch to go with this too, so I am easy to spot in a crowd! Keeps you nice and warm in the winter and a bonus for us ladies is... one less leg shave!

I also paired all the three outfits with a black coat when going out, plus a matching bag and whatever accessories I choose at the time, as I am constantly changing my mind! I hope you all enjoyed my first look book! I love clothes, fashion and all things like this, so I thought I would give this a try. Monochrome is a style I will always love, so the red is pushing my comfort zone for me, but I love, love, LOVE, that outfit!  Let me know if you like this sort of thing and I will happily do more, though I will probably do so anyway!

Keep safe and have a great weekend!
Tania x

Thursday 3 October 2013

Tania Watches Downton

Okay, I am actually going to start blogging properly and with some seriousness from now on. Going to actually give it a whirl as there is such as thin as a blogging community that sounds hella awesome, and I want in! So here it goes. I'M GONNA BE A BLOGGER!

For those of you that don’t know, I am quite the fan of Downton Abbey. I joined mid-way through season two and have been hooked ever since. Sunday night (Sept 22nd) was the premier of season four, set six months after the death of Matthew Crawley, Lady Mary’s husband, and he is also the father of his and Mary’s baby that was born at the end of the 2012 Christmas special. I am so happy it is back!
So to let myself come up with a blog post and to watch the program, I made a little running commentary as I watched!

WARNING: Below is a running commentary sorta-thing for the first episode of the season, so don’t read on unless you want it to be spoiled!

·         Oh Lady Mary looks so sad. Mourning period still in full swing I see.
·         Good lord, O’Brien has left! I loved her! She was quite the sassy bitch out of all the staff. Oh and all the bloody worker gossips spreading the news! I had no idea she wasn’t going to be in this season.
·         Mr Carson is my spirit animal.
·         TOM BRANSON! Having dinner with the bigwigs. I hope we see baby Sybill soon. Branson was always one of the characters that I loved and so glad he’s moved up a level in the Downton Abbey hierarchy.
·         Oh Mary’s baby is called George just like the new Royal Prince!
·         She called him an orphan baby :o BUT YOU ARE STILL ALIVE MARY.
·         Dowager countess Violet Grantham. Sorry Carson, this woman is more of my spirit animal than you are.
·         Thomas and Nanny West, dynamic there and he is just as rude as usual.
·         That newspaper is bloody massive Jimmy.
·         Glad to see Branson and Lord Grantham getting along at long last! *fistpump*
·         Isobel Crawley. Lost her only child and oh goodness her speech about not being a mother anymore… breaking my heart!
·         Naughty Mrs Hughes for snooping!
·         Oh it’s the girl from Twilight who played Tanya, and she is back and fully trained as a Ladies Maid, named Edna! Oh wait, I remember her now from a previous season…
·         What makes me think that the anonymous letters that Anna and Bates received were not from each other as they expected?
·         Okay Mary, I know the love of your life is dead, but please try and smile.
·         Who is this mysterious man that has been writing to Carson…? Oh his old ShowTime buddy.
·         Lady Edith needs to get married this season, BUT I am not a fan of the guy that likes her
·         It’s so well done how they’ve showed the differences in the relationships that Branson and his daughter have, and the one between Mary and her son
·         Mrs Hughes’ hair reminds me of a pie crust
·         Branson and Mary bonding scene! Branson needs to be the one to pull her from her funk…
·         Branson is my third spirit animal of this show. He’s just wonderful and Irish and gush.
·         Lots of eggs in the kitchen. Me being me, wants to know if the props are made of wood or plastic
·         Nanny West looks set to kill Mr Barrow! Game on?
·         Mr Carson, save Mary please, please, please.
·         The look of pure horror on Lady Grantham’s face when Barrow approaches her about the children
·         Ah no! Mary said no to Carson, HOWEVER, she had some feistiness there that she seems to have lost from previous seasons
·         I think Mary has finally snapped. Oh sheez she left the room pretty quickly
·         A touching moment there between Mary and Violet >> ‘You must choose either death or life’ Urgh, feels.
·         Oh good lord now Jimmy’s gone and got Ivy drunk trying to make the other guy jealous
·         BUTLER OFF – Just like Bride Wars but Butler style!
·         I think Mrs Crawley is coming out of her funk! Yippee!
·         Very forward with the kiss there Edith! I do not ship this relationship
·         I can’t quite pinpoint where the new maid, Edna came from in the previous seasons
·         OH HOT DAMN THE NANNY IS A BITCH. Calling little Sybil a filthy halfbreed (I did think of Harry Potter at this part)
·         Mary apologized and Carson finally managed to crack her! Yay!
·         Mary is wearing a colour! Is the mourning period over at last! 

Well there we have it. Not really interesting, but it is a blog post of sorts and related to a programme I am adoring. Hope you all are watching it! 
So until next time readers, I will blog again soon