Friday 10 October 2014

Cornwall Holiday Diary, Day Eleven

Hello everyone!

Day Eleven: Today we went to Truro and Falmouth! Again the weather was really nice and hot, which is perfect for trekking around both places as they are all shopping locations. I bought a lot of beauty bit again! Had dinner at the Rumbling Tum in Falmouth before hitting up Trago Mills and then we went home! A very long day!

You can watch the vlog for this day HERE.

OOTD! | Truro Church

Pasty from Warren Bakery | Falmouth Harbor

My three companions | Rusty ole anchor!

Dinner in the 'Rumbling Tum' | The three companions looking out into the dock!

We had a really nice sunny day again from Truro and Falmouth which is unheard of for our family - our entire family have had years on end where the only days it rained was when we went to Truro and Falmouth! This is also one of the days where I hardly took pictures or filmed anything as there was a lot of walking and shopping involved! Hope you enjoyed this as the final two posts are coming soon!


  1. Got me craving a jacket potato now! Love the OOTD :)

    1. Thank you! Jacket potatoes are one of my fave dinners! xx


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